The ugly frog and the beautiful princess.

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A small Kingdom there was a beautiful princess that used to live with her father the King.

One day the princess went to playing in the jungle with her gold ball.
While she was playing she kicked the gold ball so hard and the ball fell in the water.
She looked everywhere but she was scared of how deep the water was, and then she saw a frog and said “you are a beautiful frog will you please get my gold ball inside the water”, the frog smiled and said “you are the first person to call me beautiful frog, everyone runs away when they see me and call me ugly frog”.

The frog asked the princess “if I get you your ball will you be my friend?”.
The princess replied “of course it’s my honour to be your friend “.

The frog jumped in the water and got her the ball, she hardly grabbed the ball and run away forgetting her promise to the frog, the frog screamed loudly “you lied to me you broke the promise!”.

The princess went to the castle and pretending nothing happened.
The frog came to the castle after long journey, and while the princess and her father the king was eating dinner, the frog jumped to the table, and when the princess saw that she screamed shocking.
The frog said to the king “Your daughter lied to me and run away after her false promise, I came all the way from the jungle that took me few days, I’m very tired and hungry can I eat with you?“ you are allowed to eat and will you tell me what was the promise that my daughter the princess broke?”.

The frog told the king his story with the his daughter, while he was eating, the princess was disgusted the way the frogs as eating and shouted “how do you want me to be your friend, you are ugly and disgusting frog”, the king was very angry and said to his daughter “you cannot treat this frog or anyone like this, you must be respectful so you get respected. And now you must apologise to this frog and never break any promises!”.

The princess apologised to the frog and told him that they can be friends and he can stay with her forever”.

The moral of this story is, never judge someone by their look, the beauty is always the attitude.


Your Educational story really fascinates me. Beauty will not stay for long time. But your honest work will stay for forever. So beauty is not big factor. If you will express yourself by good work you will be a legend of the world. Thank you for your good story.

good point jareen61 ''beauty will not stay for long time .but honest work will stay for forever''.

wow great story.thanks for sharing. keep it up@ momar

Thanks for great story..i appreciate this life..all the best...

You have shared great story with great message but from this i want to share one more message as we should not act false to accomplish our current goal means to getting things done we sometimes say false promises and then break as queen did means she promised to frog that if frog will bring the golden ball then both can be friends and as soon as she received the the golden ball she ran away. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Thanks you for your nice story...ill like this life story

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