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Imaging the world is peaceful, beautiful place and everyone cares for each other.

An Indian wise man once said

”The sun giving light without waiting to get anything back, the clouds can drink its own water but instead it gives water to the ground, the ground gives food to all breathing life’s”,

How beautiful life will be if we give and don’t wait anything in return. Us humans do favours and wait for something in return, some of us only do favour for nothing and I hope all human follow them.

War, jealousy, hate and ignorant in our heart causes us to hurt each other, what do u think make us stop the negativity and only make us think in positive way.

In my opinion Love, care, and education can make us forget and forgive one another.

Stay loved and positive.


I follow you totally in this thought @Momar
We all need to do some serious sharing and thinking of our fellow people here at earth.
For me it is hard to belive that people can be so cruel to each other.
I really hop that some day we all could wake up and realize that we all are the same and would live together side by side regardless of culture and religion.
Or, any way, that is my thoughts.

lovely writing about lovely person

wow! that is extraordinary idea.I agree to your great information post. thanks for sharing

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this is a very witty post @momar i am amazed with you.hopefully I can learn from your word friends.thank you for sharing your life is always successful I @putra-arjun want to follow your post

exactly buddy life is so beautiful...Life gives us happiness & sorrows life also shows us how to overcome a worse situation.... nic idea..

Thnxxxx fr sharing ur views....

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