Never give up, age is just a Number

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Our story starts when Harland Sanders was born in 1890, in Indiana and lived there with his brother and sister.

His Father was farmer and his mother was a house wife, when Harlands was 5 years old, his father died in a young age. His mother started working in a tomatoes industry, leaving the two children in Harlands care and studying at the same time, Harland use to hate school but his mother insisted that he goes to school.

After few years his mother got tired of working and decided to get married and moved to her husbands city.
Harlands and his father in law never get along so he decided to move out from their house when he was 13 years old.

Started working in farm but he was very hard to work with and he used to fight with everyone.

He again moved to his uncle city to start new life, started working with his uncle and got married, he got kicked out from that job within 6 month, his wife got mad at him and left him and took the children with her.

He worked at the train station and at the same time he decided to finish his education, and became a Loyar, opened his own office and worked about 3 years as a Loyar until he fight with one of his client in front of the judge, and looses his licence.

Working and leaving every job, he finally decided to move to his old mother when he was 62 years and became pensioner.
It was in a Second World War, used to get $180 a month.

Harland Sanders got bored of the same routine, and saw a gas station offering a chef job, he applied and never cared about the wages he only wanted something to make him busy.

He started frying a chicken as his mother tough him when he was young, everyone loved his recipes and people started coming to eat his chicken, until the opposite gas station owner and the Harlands boss fight and the other gas station owner got shot and died, Harland boss went to jailing. Harland became his own boss, at age of 65 opened his own chicken fried shop and called it Kentucky fried chicken and made his photo as a logo.

His recipes was very delicious and people started coming from different cities and became popular, until a company came when he was 83 years old to him giving him a great deal to sell the recipes and all the restaurants, and he agreed because he was becoming older and older, he sold it 2 millions dollars (now is about 15 millions dollars), and became a share with his name and photo.

The name is been changed to KFC, becoming a millionaire and having a share in the second biggest restaurant after Macdolands.
Having 20 thousands restaurants in 123 countries.

Harland got angry because the company changed the original recipe, ”I wish I can test that”.
The first restaurant is still open under the name of Sanders cafe. He died at age of 90 in 1980.

The moral of this story never is too late success, married, education, love and work, don’t have an age, never give up and continue until you reach your goal.


I love the story of KFC and how it came to be @Momar
It shows us that it is never to late to get great achievements in our lives.
Do you have any plans?

Kindest regards

Hei @gyldenhorn I loved this story too that’s why I shared it with you guys, If I come back to your question, of course I have plans towards the future, I would love to become someone important who invents something useful in this world, like the inventors of the internet Vint Cerf and Robert E. Kahn. And I believe one day we will reach our dream and achieve our goals. prayers

Nice and inspiring story @momar. Many people personally retire and refuse to make meaningful contributions because they feel they are old. They don't know that they got old bodies not old brains. Brains never get old - @uyobong

Hi @uyobong that’s why I chose KFC story because it shows that the age is just a number and this story also teaches us to do what we love doing. Our brains never get old as you said, our brain get stronger and better every time.

I know this story since the year 2002 and I have never forgotten it, and it reminds me a little bit of the story of Thomas Eddison with the making of the first light bulb without it we always stay in the darkness.

these are really stories that always remind us of the need to work with perseverance and never let go of our goals without realizing them.

to have confidence in oneself is the first step to arrive at any degree of success one wants !!

it is rare to "succeed" the first time.
Thomas Edison said he did not have 1000 failures before he was able to create the light bulb, but he managed to find 1000 ways to not make a light bulb.

Thank you a lot for the quality of your post content.

Hi @momar
you look online now
are you all right there

Regards @ sultan-aceh

Hi @sultan-aceh Yes i’m Good Thanks for asking...... I’m Busy with something these days, and will be back on track soon
Thanks again

glad to hear @momar
thank you back for you @momar

That is really inspirtion story of all human life. reading for awesome.thanks for sharing. keep it up

He is real motivation for every man life .....i like it your story . thanks for shareing

Really nice post. That is really inspirtion story of all human life.l love the story thanks for sharing.keep it up

Keep an eye on life as a beautiful and a very inspirational story and do not get frustrated with achieving your goals, when everyone takes your back when life does not end. Enjoy your life and make a new and happy life to discover something useful for you.

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A beautiful and a very inspiring story. Move on and never give up in achieving your goals in life. Life does not end when everyone lefts you behind. Enjoy your life and discover something useful to you to make a new and happy living.

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