It’s Good To Be Back......

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Hello Steemians! I have not posted anything past two months because of personal issues, but today I'm glad to be back... I’m not gonna lie but i missed you!

I would like to share with you the history of Jan Koum who’s co-founder of WhatsApp.

A very poor boy called Jan Koum who used to live with his mother and father, born in Kiev, Ukraine 1976.

He migrated to the United States as a teenager with his mother and grandmother, leaving the father behind until they are settled, unfortunately his father dies before he can join them.

The family struggled and their situation worsened when his mother diagnosed with cancer and passed away. Jan Koum worked his way through high school and while at College he started working at Yahoo as an engineer, where he met Brian Acton and became more than friends.

After working at Yahoo for several years both Brian Acton and Jan Koum left the job at Yahoo to explore their passion for the social media and they discovered an app called (WHATSAPP) free mobile messaging platform, became popular, everyone started to use it and Facebook bought the app $19 billion in 2014, and the poor boy became a millionaire man.

In 2014 Jan Koum entered the list of 400 richest Americans at position 62.

The moral of the story is never give up, life is full of opportunities at the end you will make it.


we are happy for your back in steemit @momar, you started your comeback with a good subject, In a few years, Jan Koum, the co-founder of the WhatsApp app has gone from poverty to a billionaire status.

Glad to have you back 😊 Fredrikstad needs to represent on steemit

Thanks @k3nb0b Fredrikstad will represent on steemit 😊

We missed you dear @momar.

Your current post and the one you posted before two months have almost the same purpose and they both tell a historical overview of two characters who worked hard to achieve their goals, the first one is the founder of the international chain of restaurants KFC and the second one is the founder of the whatsapp app.

I completely agree with you that each of us can set goals and work with perseverance to achieve them.

This area interests me a lot and it is for this reason that I am posting posts on my blog related to the laws that govern our universe, the law of attraction is one of these laws.

Welcome back and enjoy your return.

Best regards.

Thanks @aminekad I really appreciate your warm welcome

Velkommen tilbake :)

Thanks for great history.. I appreciate this life.all the best.

@momar welcome back to the community after you absence.

Oh god. @momar how have you been for 2 months. You totally dissapeared. lol. Glad to see you come back. 😊😊😊

Hello @hanggggbeeee I was dealing with personal issue but here I am, Thanks 👌

Wow! This is so motivating sir. Look how a poor boy became a millionaire. Hardwork pays, of a truth. Most times, the people with very little background end up being very great. This is a message to all of us. If you happen come from a very poor background. Don't think your life is over. Instead, you have to work very hard and God will definitely crown your effort with success.

Remember you may not have a hand in how you started but you ought to have a great hand in how end.

That’s right @liltom thanks for sharing with us

You are most welcome

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