How many types of human being are there ?

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A rural man asked the Khalil binu Ahmed how many types of human being are there?

He answered therefore four types of human being “

  • 1- A knowledgeable person that knows he is a knowledgeable, this is a knowledgeable person so ask him.

  • 2- A knowledgeable person that doesn’t know that he his a knowledgeable person, remind him because he forgets.

  • 3- Uneducated person that knows he’s uneducated person, educate that person he’s ready to be educated.

  • 4- An ignorant person that doesn’t know that he is an ignorant, don’t go near him

Well done .. nice
You are right .. Deal with ignorant fanatic leads to suicide Haha
Thanks for sharing this with us

Deep but true.

5 - An ignorant person that claims to be knowledgable, run away from xD

100 millioner eller flere mennesker til min kunnskap @momar

wow! that's right. thanks for sharing

Wow amazing post..... thanks for sharing......

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Well your post is neither there nor here for me. I don't know whether to agree or disagree.

I liiiikeeee!!!!!!

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