Can English language be able to remain the world's most popular language?

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The English language speaks millions around the world, but the development of technology and other languages are competing it’s progress.

But the question is? Which country are most people who speak English? And ofcourse the answer is CHINA. Many Chinese speak English as a second language, and they are more than American citizens.

According to a study by Cambridge University more than 350 million people speaks English, at least 100 million people live in India. English language spoken by people in India have called Hinglish while Bangladesh known Benglish.

Currently, there are improvements in the understanding of different languages, computer translations, and the tools that can identify voices that make it easier for the person to speak his or her language, and then translates into another person.
But if you want to create a global business or a job, if you do not know English, it is likely that you will be experiencing difficulties even though the circumstances changes quick.

Wonkyum Lee, South Korean scientist at Stanford University in California, is developing a modern translation tool and also recognizing the voices that will help clients deal with businesses. And it will be very hard for people to understand them talking to a human being or a Computer.

English is widely used in the world, especially the United States and the United Kingdom, but now since the economic power of China increasing, it influences the English language too.
In the United States, Chinese language learning sites have been increasing, in 2015, the number of students studying Chinese was doubled in two years.

In Uganda, all high school students are taught in English, and parents in this country teach their children the same language as their mother tongue.

In many parts of the world, English is considered as a passport for success.


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