Betty and Dan broderick (A true story)

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Our story starts when Betty and Dan Broderick met and got married in April 1969 in New York.

When Dan has finished studying medicine, the support of his wife Betty he continued studying law to get his dream job, which is a solicitor “Loyar”. He graduated from one of the best universities in America Harvard law school.

Betty was a loyal, hardworking and smart wife, her husband used to rely on her for everything. She worked as a teacher and some other extra jobs, plus raising up the children.

They used to live on her income, as life continued they now have four children, she raises the children goes to work and supports her husband.

When he graduated in 1983, he finally got job offer which they really loved in San Diego, it’s far but they will get the life they wished for.

They moved and started new life, he worked hard and after while he opened his own office. He started to win all the cases and they become rich, Betty has resigned from her job, its time for her to relax and enjoy life, they bought a castle at La Jolla beach, and they lived happily as a family.

Until Dan hired a secretary that is 22 years old in 1983, and Dan was about 40 years old and Betty was in her mid 30.

Dan liked the secretary called Linda, and all he is talking about how good, beautiful and perfect she is. Betty tried to not think in a negative way because she used to trust Dan so much. Until one day this shocking news came from Dan saying. “I want to divorce you and get marry to Linda so please leave the house as soon as possible”.

This was a nightmare for Betty and she was so shocked. She said that “I supported you all these years, I worked extra shifts in different jobs, i raised the children and helped you to achieve your dreams, and today you want to divorce me for a lady that never been through in our straggle”.

Dan kicked her out of the house and as he was a Loyar that knows well these kind of cases, he claimed all the money himself and nothing for her.

She moved into very poor area in a small apartment. She couldn’t take the shock and started to be so aggressive towards Dan, and because of this he divorced her and even took the children under his care, and she left with nothing.

She got depressed and decided to commit suicide in her apartment, she thought of it and changed her mind and said to her self “I will go to him and shoot myself in-front of him so he always remembers and feels guilty“. In November 1989 before the sunrise, she went to the castle and when she saw Dan sleeping with Linda, she couldn’t control herself and shoot both of them, leaving them dead.

She went to the police station and told the truth, and went to jail.

In 1992 the 41 year old has been sentenced 32 years in prison “For life prison“.

Betty went to jail leaving her four children without father and mother.

Now Betty is 70 years old, and has been looked in her case in 2011 and 2017 and the judge never agreed to let her out of prison, and maybe she will be out after 15 years, by that time she will be 85 years old.

Betty and Dan is one of the famous stories that happened in the world, and there are book and films made about them.

This story teaches us that never correct a mistake by another mistake, if your soulmate has decided to walk away, start another life with someone else and leave you in the middle of the road, just keep yourself away and try to start your own life and never kill yourself or others.


this story morality is great. it is needed every human life.thanks for sharing. keep it up.upvote

Wow, sangat terhibur ceritanya

good story. I read it. God bless you dear @momar:-

I'm really moved with this story.. I don't wanna read at first..i really enjoyed it.. Seriously rules should be made and back up punishment for unnecessary devoice.. What Dan did was very bad.. A woman that stood by her during difficulties and also made his dream come true didn't deserve such a crazy treatment.. By the way Betty too ought not to have killed her self. Leave my life is not leave this world. Though she might be shocked. But it doesn't warrant murder.. I pity the kids...kudos once more

that's pretty cool story. love to read it

Great post. thanks for sharing this story.
I appreciate your life.

fabulous one,,,,,,,, thank for sharing

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Thank you for sharing.

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