According to a court in England, a British woman was sentenced that she is not allowed to laugh

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Sometimes it may be a court case, a stand off or conviction for the accused, of the judge, who is involved in the sophisticated events of the world.

According to a court in England, a British woman was sentenced that she is not allowed to laugh, and according to the sentence , some media outlets and reported as following.

Although there is a reason why the judge has ban on this woman to laugh, but when this sentence was announced, was shocking to the audience in the court.

The reason of the sentence was because this woman has an inherited one of the rare illness conditions that will cause her a lot of pain and heal problems if she laughs

As has been reported by the Spanish Newspaper ABC in Spain, that there was a lady called Claire Scott, a 24-year-old married and a mother, has been diagnosed with a rare illness condition called “Cataplexies” ,which is a rare disease that causes tiredness and it found one in the tens of millions of people,the disease causes the body structure to change in the body and causing muscle weakness.

This lady if she laughs her body changes quickly and then fools to sleep, when she gave a speech about the court decision, she said that she remembers one day when she was chatting with her daughter she laughed and she woke up and her husband is carrying her to the bedroom.
She also said that sometimes she fell a sleep in inappropriate places, she used to complain about this illness from young age.

According to the reports, the judge was questioned and asked, “how can this woman be able to carry out this sentence?” what can it be fine if it fails to fulfill its obligations?

He answered , "It is not a sentence to a person who has been put in practice, but is seen as a solution, we are part of a system of treatment psychology of the persons psychological treatment, the brain is reminded of just what needed , then it is counting”.


A really strange story ..
We are really humble about what people are going through in this life.
Well done, great post

nice story in norway.thanks for sharing this story

wow great post...i enjoy to read your post..Thanks for sharing this post

Whatever may be the reason, in my opinion it's inappropriate because it may be an disease but laughing is an natural thing and banning on laughing means the taking one's freedom of action, instead if she would be provided with caretaker, that would be made her life easy. Thanks for sharing this news with us and wishing you an great day.

Stay Blessed.

Is this true? It would be like a torture forever when you're not allowed to laugh :)

min venn veldig stabil og jeg forstår virkelig dette nå er ikke forgjeves jeg er venner med deg @momar

What the hell? I get she has a disease, but laughter isn't really something a person can control. She should be provided with help and medical care, not this.

The court says it is "part of a treatment psychology" but I must point out that treatments are not compelled on an individual. Yet, the court's declarations are such that they are binding on individuals and states. Hence, the court is compelling this woman to go through a treatment process she may not agree with. That's like compelling cancer patients who have been fighting cancer (and just want to live the remained of their lives in peace instead of at war with cancer) to continue the war till they die. That is not cool if you ask me.

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