A True story about a young Nurse and a famous Doctor

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A young Nurse who started her first job at a hospital that was run by a famous doctor, she was young beautiful and excited about the job.

The doctor was very famous in town and well known as a wise, respectful man who loves his job and loves helping everyone in town.

They fell in love, however there love was impossible because the doctor was married but never had children, and the nurse was married and had a baby boy.

They used to meet up secretly, after few years she startet saying when are we getting married and the doctor kept promising her day after day.

Every time they meet she kept asking the same questions WHEN ARE WE GETTING MARRIED? And the doctor is fed up from this, as he never wanted to get divorce.

He told her to get divorce so they can get married, she did listen to him and got divorced although her husband loved her and never wanted to get divorced.

After while she got pregnant and wanted him to divorce his wife as he promised.
One day she told him if he didn’t get divorce, she will go and tell his wife everything. He was shocked and didn’t know what to do, but inside he was burning as hell because he doesn’t want his wife to know anything or the town, otherwise he will loose the respect of all the town.

She gave birth to a baby boy, and she gave up telling him the same thing every time, so she decided to tell his wife, but before she went to her, he came to her house to give her injection of iron as she lost blood while giving birth. She told him that she lost everything because of him and he still have his life, she will ruin his life too as he did.

He gave her the injection and told her he will sort out everything as soon as possible and he will do as he promised.

After a while she felt very sick and went to the hospital to do a check up, she did a blood test and the shocking news was that she was HIV positive.

She didn’t know how she got it, after research the hospital team discovered that this was injected to her, and they did further search about this. The hospital found out that the doctor took a blood sample from a patient that was HIV positive and they had to pass this to the police and because of this crime the doctor went to jail and the nurse died.


great story. thanks for sharing

wow!!!!!!!!! very informative story as well as heart touching

Yeah it’s really heart touching, thanks @emilbyen

Love to read it............ I will waiting for your next post.

This post very nice.....
Thanks for sharing story......

great post bro

Thanks @geniusnabiy

so cruel. great story

så vil du bli injisert med denne vakre sykepleieren @momar

Heheheh det vil du også @pon99

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an embarrassing end to the doctor
Thanks for sharing the story

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