A teacher taught a student the IT without having a computer

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CB09AF30-489C-41FD-8C0A-E6E187D232E4.pngPicture from bbc/somali.

Microsoft has promised to give a computers to a Ghanaian teacher who has been teaching students about the IT “Information and Technology” without having a computer.

I read the story of this teacher named Owuru Kwadwo that has been published in the BBC somali.

As you can see from the pictures posted, the teacher gives a lesson on a blackboard , and has drawn a picture of Microsoft of the Word document produced by Microsoft.

This photo has been published in the social media, and has been shared thousands of times, with thousands of users sharing deepest Appreciation.

Owuru Kwadwo is receiving a new devices from Microsoft so he can work with.


good job.thanks for sharing

They all seem to pay attention to him! Admire

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Wow, I appreciate his passion for imparting knowledge despite the fact that he doesn't owned any computer. We need more people like him in this world. Thanks for sharing mate!

we face many problem in study sector .because we can not afford many things of necessary

What an Amazing motivation in teach him student by knowo.. I am a Teacher too, but the story more inspiring me to do Best for My student, even no good facilities factor in My area.. Thank you for share it to the world, I know more Now, Greeting from Aceh

He surely deserve a Oscars for this

This happens a lot. In some schools, there are not enough teaching materials. What then makes the difference are the teacher's willingness to go the extra mile and improvise; and the student's ability to understand things that appear abstract. Unfortunately, a lot of students don't get to understand properly if they don't have the real thing with them. The teaching becomes nothing but 'abstract'. Kudos to the teacher for his patience, zeal and passion. Kudos to MS for their passion for Africa and education in general.

But @Momar, you are everywhere on the social niche with nice posts. That's awesome. Hope you get to check out some of my posts someday.

Det er ikke dårlig.

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