The State Creates Crime: The Time Is Ripe For Legalised Gambling.

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It's almost so you do not believe it. In Oslo with such major challenges with multiethnic gang crime, the police (100 in numbers) choose to hit peaceful card players .
The supposed reason is that you will loot the income source of the criminal gangs.

There is no doubt that some people have a personality that is prone to addictions, which may manifest itself with uncontrolled gambling. These should be offered adequate help. Criminalization will not help these.

Unlike the lottery, poker is a mathematical skill game where you can practice your ability to assess odds and situations.

In addition, all players are participating in a voluntary basis, so there is no compulsion involved, and it is therefore no victim of poker players playing cards. But when the State chooses to ban it, these peaceful participants are being criminalized and this opens up for gang criminals to exploit the situation, push the clubs and thereby strengthen their financial position.

That poker clubs are so prevalent in Oslo and other cities indicates that there is a large and unmet need for gaming services in Norway. Many Norwegian poker players have gained international fame, with Thor Hansen, with two WSOP bracelets, as perhaps the most famous player.

What about being a little proactive and opening up for gambling?



Oslo can get a magnificent casino, which will attract both domestic and world-class international card players. That will also remove an important source of revenue from the gangs and in addition create increased demand for legal goods and services in the city of Oslo.

Thank you for your time and attention. Steem on!

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Seriously paying poker for money and bets are forbidden in my country! I think it's a stupid rule! I don't even think Police also accept this rule!


Interesting read, to know how the the police act in Norway, as I dont actually know too much about the generall police behaviour here, even though i live in Norway.

And from what you explain this is the sme issue as most other places, where violence is used to justify illigality of actions or things. When removing laws what makes stuff illigal is always a better solution. As the individuals that preform the violent acts dont care about it being illigal.

And since the focus then becomes to find out good ways to get away with it, only the peacefull none violent individuals gets the punishment as they dont focus on getting away with crime.

Exactly the same reasoning and issues used for gun laws and canabis and drugs for that matter.


Hi. Thanks! I agree with your comment about the philosophy of punishment. I honestly
believe that most poker players at these clubs are just ordinary citizen, and that the gangs blackmail them.
It is always easier to 'punish' the heroin addicts, than to nail the drug lord.

Thanks for an interesting article @Janusface.
Perhaps it is just an idea to be more proactive. This could solve this problem you are pointing at in your post.

Kindest regards

Man, the more I read about Scandinavian countries , the more I fail to understand their governments. It's like they wish all the best for immigrants but all the worst for their own people. What's up with that? It can't be just virtue signalling, right?


There is probably some virtue signalling. Norway is also very 'destroyed' due to leftist ideologies and postmodernism, but in this particular case with poker I think it has more to do with that the State being very strong in Norway, so that it is often willing to sacrifice the citizen to protect its position.


"It's like they wish all the best for immigrants but all the worst for their own people."

It's called cultural marxism. In this ideology minorities can never be the oppressors and if they are it's because they were somehow mistreated by the majority.


Crazy indeed.

Hello @janusface,

Extraordinary good article, Casino houses will do the legitimate business, personally I like that legitimate model on Poker, after all they all are gambling. Incredible discussion you initiated with this article.


Love poker gambling and dogs playing poker. Great post, lighten up Norway u can wingsuit fly down a mountain but not have legal gambling? C'mon


Wingsuiting does not compete against any State revenues (such as the big national lottery).

I read all your posts. But I'm not a gambling expert. Thank you for posting @janusface

legalized gambling is not a good sign. but we all do gambling in different ways. so poker is just one of them @janusface

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if they don't do it the activities will get more illegal and they will keep on finding new ways

Legalizing gambling, specially Casino is leading the country to make people more poor & socially it effects so hard too. Legalized means it's operating by certain number of rich people who wish to drain more from others. This legalized is not mean no one can do gambling ever. Very bad decision.

Oslo should open a virtual casino on the blockchain :p

I completely agree with you, it is very unfortunate that in Norway officials reached such a level that in a full peace game like poker became a threat to them and, of course, the creation of an legitimate gaming system would be the best solution! Thank you @janusface

You are right about opening a Casino in Oslo. It will certainly remove an important source of revenue from the gangs & attract both domestic and world-class international card players which will benefit the local government & the local economy.

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this can change the phase of a country now these gamblers need to pay tax right.

Dogs playing poker, who could ever get tired of that great American Masterpiece by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge.

a good post! upvote and supporting.!!

in las vegas its the only big thing there

lots of gang out there oh boy

the more they ban it the higher it grows

Every decision or action taken will always have pros and cons. While trying to cope with illegal gambling and setup legalised government controlled casino, does it really help? The greed of human is the cause of all these. If we don't greed and decide on illegal gambling due to temptation, there is no business for illegal gambling. There is even crypto for gambling now. Thanks for sharing your thought in this!

yes, stop criminalisation... let the dogs out

I am a Brazilian and here gambling is also forbidden. There are places where you play poker, but they sometimes receive the police visit. They are trying to approve a law in the Congress that permits gambling in some touristic places, but is has the resistence of the Church...

I'll just leave this here

It's something I came up with, I think you will enjoy it :)