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Hi, Steemit friends!

I recently bought two artwork for what I consider to be one of Norway's talented artists:

IMG_20180909_174652_resized_20180909_055052233 2.jpg

Furor by Henrik Uldalen

Mr. Uldalen is currently having an exhibition at the famous JD Malat Gallery in London. Strange faces all of them... He is also very active on Instagram with 670.5K followers. Time to join Steemit?

IMG_20180909_174820_resized_20180909_055014125 2.jpg

Stolen Child by AFK

AFK is a street artist residing in Norway, but I guess he is a ​foreigner after the conversations I had with him. The streepiece "Making A Martyr" picturing the Norwegian ex-Minister of Justice and now the new deputy leader of the Progress party has​ made him pretty media exposed recently. The latest bid for the artwork is 450 000 NOK. The funds are going to the Cancer Union.

Photos taken by @janusface on September 9 2018 with a Huawei Honor 5X (no editing)

Thank you for your time and attention. Steem on!

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Nice. Really like the one up top :)

AFK is from my hometown :)



Bergen right? Seems like all the best Street Artist in Norway are Bergensians..

Reading the comments it looks like I'm the only one who prefers the bottom picture. The expression on that girl's face is priceless..


That so nice about art. There is something for everyone. But I also prefer the bottom picture...

The artist is very good, that is exactly the kind of art that I like. I checked the gallery he has on Instagram and these were my favorites:

Although the ones you bought are excellent pieces of art too. Congratulations!


I especially liked the first one in your series. A smoking zombie/ corpse.


I thought he was the subject of True Detective ...

It's a very good series, by the way.

I dig the first one!


Agreed:) I usually prefer to buy things I am not 100% sure I like. But Furor looks awesome on the wall. The eyes are on fire.

First photo kind of tells me what it will be like if Odin, Hades and Ra were drawn from their mythologies and drawn as one person


Agreed. Certainly some divinity in the picture.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Now those I really like. If you could some how get Mr Uldalen on to steemit, that would be great exposure for the platform.

I found my self staring at the top image for ages.


Yeah. It could really give the platform some momentum. I'll see if I can figure something out..

Beautiful art work there you got nice collection looks awesome :)

Very nice. I’ll follow you 😊

Art as protest! what beautiful works :-)

i really really like the first photo

nice work,

Also pls checkout my recent post , hope you like the same

@janusface, After long time you came to steemit with both talented arts. I prefer second one & I saw some various expression from girl's face.