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The first round with was sold out pretty quickly, but luckily there is now a second round of land for sale Buy land in Liberstad.

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If you are a libertarian and like the countryside, perhaps a life in Liberstad could be the right thing for you?
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I have personally no stake in the project, but have supported them with donations on several occasions, and I am happy to see that the project seem to progress according to schedule.

Why do I support Liberstad?

There are good reasons to be very scared about the development in Norway.
Especially, the state is dangerously strong and it is difficult to see how this is going to change any time soon.

Thus, I fully support private initiatives such as Liberstad that can pave the wave for a new model for organisation of the Norwegian society based on free capitalism, that will benefit both social and economic life.

Socially, especially the interdependence between the sexes will strengthen, whereas today, the benefits from the state make loads of children grow up without father figures as one example.

A very frustrating thing about discussing these issues with fellow Norwegians is that they are so heavily emotionally invested in the current system, that they do not really see the difference between the country and the state. Also, because Norway is rich, people just assume that a strong state is one of the reasons. On the contrary, the living standard would certainly be much higher without a strong state. There many ‘broken window fallacies’ out there, for example that you increase living standard by inflating government with bureaucrats or by increasing immigration (this has been debunked lately).

My personal circumstances do not allow me to move to Liberstad, so I will not buy any land there in this round. Perhaps later I will.

Thank you for your time and attention. Steem on!

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Can't move either..Perhaps invest in some land and rent out to someone who can.

New land with new concept. That might be a worthy idea to buy few SQM from it. But still no got a good idea how it functioning. Good update~

Liberstad seems like a great concept, but I like the way you think about it! At the end you summarized all your feelings into one sentence!
"My personal circumstances do not allow me to move to Liberstad, so I will not buy any land there in this round. Perhaps later I will."
I hope you won't be there! Everything will be alright soon!


Hello @janusface,

The whole world is looking for a land with freedom. If Liberstad can fulfill their dreams then 50,000 SQM will be sold instantly. But I have pros & cons about it. Extraordinary good article for a good topic to discuss.


@janusface - Sir this is the first time I heard about this.... Is this a real land or something imaginary Sir.... I heard few months back a group of people are trying to build a new land based on crypto.... Is that it Sir? Very interesting topic for me.... Nice you decided to share this sir....
To get more audience, I wish to ReSteem your post.

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now that's a cool project :D If only I could convince my family to move there XD

An interesting proposal, of course I would like to know more about this place and why Liberstad is attractive. Thank you @janusface

great details about Liberstad organization in Norway. I have never been heard Norway state is dangerously and it is difficult to to stay here. Its goint to change anytime when you discuss this post @janusface. What about things doing and did Liberstad organization. Its a new wave in Norwegian site. IF you`re a active member here You have more and tough task to provide this organization. Great article and Resteemed your post.

Is this best investing project @janusface? Sadly heard Yous state situation & you must try to accomplish your responsibilities. Great work done by you. Anyway will see buy land.

Is the Liberstad can the activities without any difficulties in Norwegian society? My guess Norwegian state break their humans freedom. You should great project that will benefit both social and economic life.
Have a great day.

Boy that sounds like a wonderful place! There are too many places in the world like that anymore.


Yes, indeed! Are you Norwegian btw, I see you tag with Norway a lot? Just curious:)


That's a very good question and II don't mind that you ask, I am an American and my Italian ancestors left everything and came to America, I married a Norwegian girl that was born in America,. My children are half Norwegian and I've always been fascinated to learn about Norway. When I landed here on steemit, I started researching Norway and made some nice friends, I even asked if it was okay to use the tag Norway so I could share my experiences with you guys. I don't want to mention names here, but I was welcomed to the community and I hope that's okay with you.


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excellent article for the people who seek freedom & be rich. impressive work @janusface


this really seems an interesting project from the first look

Liberstad seems to be a good project. But want to hear more about it. If it's good enough to make a better state then more people will be there. Nice article about it.

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Nice concept!
I hope it works :) will be a breath of fresh air!

Really great concept ........ i never think about it. Bt it is essential for all over.... thank you sir to introduce me to this topic @janusface

its an intersting proposal @janusface