I Finally Got It Done…

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“The Borgias”: A series on HBO:


Yesterday, I cut the cord so I do not need to pay the broadcasting fee to NRK anymore.
I have not really watched television at all for over a year: I only watch Netflix and HBO.
I do not know what took me so long, but I do for some reason have a very sentimental feeling about NRK. It used to be an important provider of content for the Norwegian people.

Not anymore…

NRK has a clear leftist agenda in promoting Islam and multiculturalism, and as the license is not voluntarily at all this is clearly theft, and that you have to pay by force for something that promotes a worldview that is just the opposite of your own does not make any sense at all. The head of this “crime syndicate”, Thor Gjermund Eriksen, was recently granted 6 more years with a yearly salary of 3 million kroner.

The coverage of the US election was extremely biased and anti-Trump, and as you can see on this short clip this was an intentional move:

It is no surprise that some many Norwegians were against Trump because they were persuaded into thinking that Trump is a loser, with should be pretty clear by now that he is not. In fact, he is an extremely talented politician.

Further, their stance on Islam is also extremely utopist, and they received a lot of complaint about the program (Faten tar valget) ahead of the election in 2017.
One of the new members of the broadcasting council is the Islamist (and MD) Bushra Ishaq. I studied medicine in Oslo and there were loads of Pakistani medical student, and many of them were Islamist, but people are naive​, and think that Muslims​ will be “integrated” (into what, postmodernism?) just because they are highly educated.

There are some rumors​ that the new Ministry of Culture, which is anything but cultured, is going to pass a media fee. This will be a kind of a "Kopf tax”, and perhaps even worse than the current system. I just feel sad by people that vote for Venstre (The Liberal Party), when they are in fact extremely collectivist and do not promote liberalism at all.

The cord cutting is pretty easy, and I could have done it myself, but NRK need documentation and you need an​ NRK-certified cord cutter to do. I used this service (https://www.lisensfri.no), and it went pretty smooth (5 min) and 990 kroner for this job should be paid off​ pretty quickly​ when the yearly license is 3054 kroner in 2019.

Goodbye NRK, Rest in Pieces!

Photos taken by @janusface on May 10 2018 with a Huawei Honor 5X (no editing)

Thank you for your time and attention. Steem on!

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Yeah mainstream media is horseshit. Good luck cutting the cord!


And get tangled in the web.

I like this video because its great. I hope you have a good day.


Have a great day too.

Hey they Mr. Face! I read over carefully what you wrote and I could now continue to write a paragraph or two or ten! Complimenting what you explained. However I'll just leave it at this.......

I know exactly what you mean ;)

From Tampa Florida- Your Steemit buddy, Dan "World Travel Pro!"


Thanks. Hope you are fine where ever you are. I am still in Oslo as always, but it is almost summer temperatures here now, so I do not complain.

We have something similar in Greece (ΕΡΤ) and similarly it's leftist bs 24/7/365. We pay that fee through the electricity bill by force and there is no option not to pay it, unless you cut off the electricity :/ this means that even if you have a basement or something purely for storage you have to pay a fee, even if there's no tv or people living in it! Nuts!


Cutting off the electricity is a tough one:) I do think they are going to do something similar in Norway too (a media fee), because of the increasing number of dissidents such as myself.

Hi there. You are probably right about the biased position of Norwegian state broadcaster NRK. However, it is in my opinion the best content producer in the Norwegian language and with a yearly license of approximately 250 usd per household I actually think it is a good deal, considering that NRK never runs any kind of commercials during their programs. (some sport events are sponsored though).

“Cutting the cord” is a choice I am glad anyone are free to make, and I have no issues with people who choose to do so. Congrats on your decision. What made this post to much to swallow for me was the claim that “it should by now be clear to all that Trump is a talented politician”. It should be more than crystal clear to anyone by now, as it was back in 2016 that this man is not fit to run shit, and sure as hell not the largest military power on the planet. I would argue the last days Iran events should be a pretty good testament to that.

I suggest to people that think Mr. Trump is a good president to run USA have a look at his background and how he is actually running his administration. What he stands for and most important, how he managed to avoid bankruptcy back in the 90´s.

I am brand new to Steemit and have not had time to search for posts about Trump, but I will, and if I feel something is missing, I will make damn sure to write a post. Cause I think it is not only sad that people actually supports his presidency, I think it is flat out dangerous.

I will get back to you on the topic.


Thanks for reading and commenting on my post, and welcome to Steemit! I respect your views, and Trump is a complex person and very narcissistic too, but I do believe most of the thing he does is rational when you look at them the "persuasion lense". I would recommend the book Win Bigly by Scott Adams about his tactics. I am a libertarian, so I do in fact not agree to all Trump's policies. However, the leftist MSM coverage of Trump has been very infantile, which Trump has managed to utilize to his advantage​. And Trump did win which most of the so-called​ experts said was impossible. I, on the contrary, was pretty sure that Trump was going to win, and then it is provoking to have to pay for a service such as NRK that use all tricks in the book to slander him. NRK did a very bad job in covering the election, and it shameful to see that the CEO is still able to continue as if nothing has happened. Looking forward to your post :)

I can't believe that in a such advanced country, you are "forced" to pay to assist government TV of this kind. Congrats on getting rid of it.


I sometimes wonder how advanced Norway really is. In some areas such as cancer research, we are really top-notch, but​ our society is very collectivistic and the intellectual debate is severely restricted. The school system is in a downfall with boys falling out en masse etc. The tax burden is one of the highest in the world.

Great Job @janusface I cut the Cable Cord about 4 years ago. I stopped watching TV PROGRAMMING then. TV is Dying there is so many better things to do with your time............

I don't watch TV, I'm addicted to manga on the web.


Never watched Manga before, but I guess your Manga watching is voluntarily, and as long as I do not need to by force to pay for your Manga-addiction, I guess everything is ok.

Well done. At least there is a legal way to get out of it.

Wonderful decision well finally you are free :)

great work 😁

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And how do you think of Islam?
And you also have many friends from pakistan

Yeah it was worth it...such sexiness.

And how do you think of Islam?
And you also have many friends from pakistan

In fact, TV plays a very good role in our social life. Your words are logical.

this is so great. you got the great point here

Seems like it was the lucky day ;)

congratulations on your achievement... lol
this serial must be fun 😍

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