Macrophoto -#9 - Back on the trail with small flowers in the aim

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The summer is indeed the time for one of my favorite hobbies, macro photo.
It has been a lot of pictures from flowers lately and I am planning to share a lot of them with you, starting with these little guys.
Hope you like it!


Until next time, stay safe, warm and dry

Kindest regards



Dette var fint @Gyldenhorn

Fint makrobilde, @gyldenhorn. Er det en forglemmegei dette?

Straks eg såg biletet meinte eg at det var ein forglemmegei, men kva art kan vera vanskeleg å avgjera.
Dei to vanlegaste artane er Åkerforglemmegei (Myosotis arvensis) som er den mest vanlege. Den har små blomar. Deretter kjem engforglemmegei (Myotis scorpioides) som har større blomar. Diameter på blomen kan nærma seg ein centimeter.
Når ein ser på eit makrofota og ikkje har anna å referera storleik på er det vanskeleg å avgjera storleik på blomen. Men kanskje kan fotografen supplera oss med kva storleik det var på blomane.
Eit par andre forglemmegeiartar kan og vera aktuelle. Det er skogforglemmegei og fjellforglemmegei. Dei ôg skal ha større blomar enn Åkerforglemmegei. Eg og har nokre makrofoto av forglemmegei, som eg kjem til å publisera.

Med vennleg helsing

Hei @Siggjo
Jeg er usikker på hva disse heter, men kan komme med noen ekstra opplysninger.
Det var vel ca 1 cm store blomster. Vokste i veikanten på ca 750 moh og det så ut som de kom i "klaser" med blomster på hver stilk.
Håper det hjelper. Så at bilde ble utbrent først etter jeg la det ut så skal komme med en litt bedre utgave av disse etter hvert

Hei @Valth
Litt usikker på denne her, men skal svar @Siggjo på det han lurer på under her så kanskje han kan artsbestemme denne lille saken.
Ellers hyggelig at du liker det. Ser at det ble litt utbrent i det hvite etter jeg la det ut så skal komme med en litt bedre bilde av disse etter hvert.

Hei @Gyldenhorn
I fleire floraer står det at forglemmegei kan vera vanskelege å bestemma. At denne har store blomar tyder på at det er ein engforglemmegei eller ein fjellforglemmegei (Myosotis decumbens). Begge desse artane har store blomar.
Elles merka eg meg at denne planten vaks om lag 750 m.o.h. Det kan tyda på at det er ein fjellforglemmegei. Eg la ôg merke til at du nemnde at blomane vaks i klasar frå stilken. Det kan tyda på fjellforglemmegei sidan ein flora eg brukar, viste nettopp klasar av blomar på fjellforglemmegei. No veks dei litt i klasar på dei andre artane ôg, så eg vil ikkje heilt utelukka engforglemmegei. Skulle ein bestemt dette sikkert måtte ein truleg hatt besøk av ein flink botanikar på staden der planten veks.

Med vennleg helsing

I am getting to know nordic flowers thanks to you haha, I assume these only grow in cold weather, since I've never seen them in my life!

It would be great if you share insect pictures as well!

Hello @Ralk98
Good to hear that I ca provide some new information to you :) I shall se if I can find some insects also. I just may have one or two pictures laying around :)

I'll wait for that! I might take some photos from my country too! soon :)

I assume these only grow in cold weather, since I've never seen them in my life!

They look like a species of Myosotis to me, so they are only found native in the northern hemisphere, but they can be found as cultivated plants and invasive species in lots of other places.

Thank's for the feedback! When it comes to flowers, I've never seen anything similar where I live . Too hot weather for that!

I see it ...
I see it ...

Hihi, very nice. I not only enjoy the beautiful little flowers, but also enjoy the unique little person. Does the little man like flowers?^_^

It's fun to enjoy and you take photos with amazing capabilities.👌

Enjoy and have fun always @gyldenhorn! 🙏

He loves flowers :)

Beautiful as always!

100% liked your little guys, excellent photography. Your photography is all time so bright and clear that everybody like and happy to hear your planning that we're gonna to get lots of awesome photographs, thanks to share.

Thanks for those nice words @Tangera

Wow! Unique little flower and very fantastic. It looks very clear, the little guy is above the flowers and I do not know what he does.😀

What I know, that this moment is very beautiful and very artistic. That's really cool!👍

Stay safe, warm and dry @gyldenhorn!

Good to hear that you liket the picture @Black-horse

Again, I've uploaded a photo that shows me a lot of beauty, thank you so much for your valuable time, to upload a new photo once again.

Actually natural beauty is more loved by all and natural beauty every subject matter is very closely related to each other. I think the picture will look very good on every person's very beautiful perspective and I thank you again for spending your precious time.

Thank you for your feedback @Smithandy

It is necessary to start the work well to start doing something that you know very well, especially if you are uploading those pictures, that are very impressive to me in your city and in the local conditions.Thank you for taking some great pictures.

Keep it up my idol.

Thx a lot for those ind words @Queensophia, hope you have a great day!

The macro photography is extremely efficient because it is not a picture of a qualification and skill in the field of macro photography, and if the image is not in focus, then the quality of the film is very bad. In this case, your taken macro photography is really very awesome.In the case of a professional photographer, macro photography plays a big role, and from your photography I understand that you have the right person who qualifies for macro photography.

Accurate compatibility with that photo of your photo, macro photography is full.Your eloquent macro photography qualifies to achieve praise.

Thx a lot for those kind words @Xupon

I appreciate your picture. I love watching your picture. First of all, you have given birth to a great knowledge of the date of life of Norway, here and every block question I have read carefully. That's all the natural and weather-related blog posts about Norway that attract me too much.

I am glad you liked it @Olvio :)

I really like macro photography, there is just something about zooming in and focus on the small details that always gets me :)

Same here :)

Summer is my favorite season, and the pictures are awesome👌👌

flowers are awesome, I love them so much, yours is beautiful and amazing, too. thank you 🌸🍃

Super Post!!!upvoted

Wow, very beautiful photo, I like your way of taking the picture, so that your photo looks very good, I really salute to people who have soul art, because the soul of art is not owned by everyone, and art has a very high price. Thanks for sharing, and wish you a wonderful day....

Jeg har forresten skrevet om deg i min siste post :)

Upvoted! @susanne metioned you and me in her post, like your work decided to follow, keep sharing my friend

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