Macrophoto - #8 - Found this little guy to day

in #norway4 years ago

Found this little guy to day, he was no more than a few millimeters and has no petals. Don't know what kind of flower it is but he was standing all alone and seemed kind of sad. So I thought it was in order to take a picture of him so he at least could have his 5 minutes of fame.
Hope you liked him.


Until next time, stay safe, warm and dry
Kindest regards


Hi @gyldenhorn
Looks very beautiful, the light blue color on the edge makes the photo look more alive.

Thx a lot @Amuchtar

After photographing him with such professionalism I am sure he will become very happy and he will have more confidence in himself.

Thank you @gyldenhorn to share with us these beautiful flowers and beautiful photos.

Best Regards @Redouanemez

Thx a lot @Redouanemez :)

Beautiful flower & Very poetic!

My Flower, You Are Not AloneDQmZBdikJatg28FpbdQwzP9TEHf8E6dEQN8o1W269G1tUuZ_1680x8400.jpeg
My flowers do not grieve
We love you
Though you were on a hot day, but you were always in our hearts
We love you wholeheartedly
If only my hand could get to you
I will watch and care always like I take care of myself
My flowers smile that you are not alone

By @seha76

Thx for those nice words :)

This is a thoughtful photography.A brilliant photographer always show to people what he want's to see the people.You have got good photography skill.Great job done keep it up.

Thank you so much @Rupok

You are well come @gyldenhorn.Thank's for showing love to me.

Flott bilde, @gyldenhorn! Jeg merker at jeg nesten får lyst til å lete den opp i floraen min etterpå, for jeg ble ganske nysgjerrig på hvilken art dette er.

Hilsen @valth

Gjør gjerne det @Valth for jeg er ikke sikker på hvilken blomst dette er :)

wow, abstract flower and sharp focused. Upvoted and followed you for more

Thx a lot @Elevator09 coming more in a few days :)

sounds great

According to google image searching, it's an Hypericum perforatum flower. But they don't look similar to me. Either google images is crazy or you just found one of the rarest flowers in the world, lol.

If you actually found a new specie, you an baptize it as "Glydenhornius Steemitus", lmao.

Dad jokes come out even when you are not a father :b

It is like you say that they dont look alike at all.
Maybe I shall name it :)))

My opinion, best macro photography so far. I just can't keep my eyes of it. Just look at this photographs, this beautiful flower has it all. Thank you so much @Gyldenhorn for, sharing this amazing photography with us.

Thx a lot @Pijon Nice to know what you like and think is the best. Then it will be more easy for me to develop that skill :)

I absolutely love this photographs. Your work is simply wonderful.
Thank you so very much for this wonderful post what you did with this little flower, its beyond my wildest dreams! You will definitely get a lots of compliments for this masterpiece.

Thx a lot @Mdsahid

Dear @Gyldenhorn, day after day you enchanting us with your amazing & beautiful photography. Now on, this little beautiful flower will never be alone anymore because our love will always be there for her.

Thank you so much for nice feedback @Dannywill

Mange takk for endå eit fint macrofoto @Gyldenhorn.
Pollenberane kjem fint fram på bildet. Merkar meg at kronblada har tre fargar med fine nyansar i gult, grønt og blått. Ein sjelden og fin blomst.

Med vennleg helsing

Ja, synes også at pollenbærerene kommer godt frem her :) Lurer fælt på hva salgs blomst dette er. Var super liten.

That is a quality of a great photographer.He can make a ordinary thing extraordinary.You have got some photography skill.Beautiful photo.Thanks for sharing.

He is so little but still so beautiful. Nature always surprise us with her amazing & magnificent ability & beauty. But its you @Gyldenhorn who shows its beauty to us through your beautiful & amazing photography.

There are very few things in life that bring us unconditional love and happiness. And the sweet blossoming of flowers is one such event.

"" If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.""

Where words fail, flowers possess the power to express thousands of emotions. It makes a bold statement that a single ray of beauty can out value all the materialistic things in the world.

****Thank you**** @gyldenhorn,

for such an uncommon beautiful photography

Exquisite! A very skillful hand touch makes a very unusual object. Very happy to read your description @gyldenhorn! Aesthetic language that is very unusual and very touching inward.

Do you know what a brilliant photographer you are!
You have the quality that a real phographar needs, thanks to share.

Really beautiful microphotography.......i like your photography............... @gyldenhorn

wonderful photography. Take this picture below myself.

Amazing photo and absolutely beautiful flower! What to you seemd sad looks to me like the flower is shouting: "I'm alive! I'M ALIVE!"

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