Macrophoto - #7 - Water droplet in color explosion

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To day I felt a bit artistic and played with colors when I was shooting flowers with the macro lens. When I was on all four deep in the meadow, aiming my lens at some read flowers that had just startet to go into blosom this litle droplet on a straw came to sight. And the bacground suddenly exploded in colors when the sun came out behind the clouds. So had to take some pictures of it.
Hope you like my little creatvity.


Until next time, stay safe, warm and dry
Kindest regards


Waw It's really very spectacular!

It's a beautiful creativity, fortunately for you that the sun has taken a look at you :), with us it's been 48 hours that we have not seen the sun ..

Ow, that as long time for the sun to be away. Here in Norway we can have the same in the winter time, the sun is gone for several weeks.

That is an amazing photo,It look's like a tiny world inside the drop!
I wish you could have been with me on my last post,the photos would have been way better.

When I saw the drop and the reflection in it, it was clear that I needed to take a picture of it and I kind of liked the result.
But I think your pictures in your last post was very good :)

Thank you,that means alot comming from you!
Learning to take better pictures can be quite a challenge.

Your photos tell a story which even million words wont be able to express this beautifully.

Thx @Pijon, tried to make some art here :)

Love this shot, the colours in the background really work!

Thank you @Vtravels
I also think I have gotten the colors right in this picture. Was lucky and had a red flower in a back ground :)

Hi @gyldenhorn
This is very different from your previous photo. Not everyone can do this, the water droplets look very clear and beautified with the background color behind them. That's amazing

Hi @Amuchtar, yes, this time I wanted to go another way with my photo. Think I have some others also that are more artistic. Going to post them in some days also :)

Yes, I will be looking forward to it, thank you very much for sharing

Elegantly done. Something magical just happened there, i know it. You really have an eye for detail. Eagerly waiting for the next master piece.

Thx a lot @Latikasha. I`d tried to get some artistic over this one :)

This way of taking pictures is the best way needed to live mr @gyldenhorn.

The background has become blurry with this focus on the drop of water.

We must focus on the thing we want regardless of its background that becomes epsilon compared to our focused goal.

That was some smart words @Aminekad. I have not thought on it i that way :)

It's fun to enjoy. You are photographing with an incredible ability. That is no doubt. Really very artistic photography. The color explosion is fantastic and phenomenal. What a wonderful gift of God.

Thanks @gyldenhorn for sharing the beauty and happiness that is so amazing.

Have a wonderful day!

Thank you @Seha76 I was going for an artistic view on this one. Going to try out some skills so there are more of this type coming soon

Yes, I really loved it, a whole strategy in this creativity, I think it is unrepeatable.

Small things can become a big art if you make it happen!

That is so true @Ralk98. I am in an artistic corner at the moment :)

“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”
— Elliott Erwitt

It would never occur to me to look at it this way/at this angle. Amazing photography @Gyldenhorn.

The color is very beautiful. It was as if the color explosion inside the dew. You take a picture with a perfect shot. Very beautiful and very visible. What a fantastic photography. So glad you shared it for us. Thanks @gyldenhorn!

A cool drop came out, full of delight. I like to photograph drops, but there was not such a frame in my collection yet. Very successfully you came out with her.

Wow what a excellent photography you have taken, its not a little creativity in my eyes its a big crativity , specially water drops and red colour makes your photography awesome, thanks to share your beautiful post.

Wonderful photos
thanks for sharing


Wonderful ♡

for me this is #Imagenposible, just raise your eyes with the filter of the heart and capture it. Thanks for sharing. I already follow you, I appreciate you if you follow me back! Thank you. I invite you to use my label in your text to mark the photos that we think are great #Imagenposible

Imponerende bilde!

WoW! This photo is fantastic!

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