Macrophoto - #6 - Leaverleaf, just can't get enough

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Once again I let myself be stunned by these little, neat, flowers. I think I took like 100 pictures of them yesterday, but I shall try to let this be the last of the leaverleaf for this time.
The nature has so much to offer in this time of the year so need to find some other moddels to take pictures of.


Until next time, stay safe, warm and dry.
Kindest regards


Utruleg vakker blåfarge på dette bildet @Gyldenhorn
Eg likar spesilet kor skarp og fint pollenberarar og fruktemne står fram.
Kombinasjonen av den sterke blåfargen og den grøne bakgrunnen er ein fin kombinasjon.
Godt jobba @Gyldenhorn

Med vennleg helsing

Takker så masse for hyggelig tilbakemeldinger @Siggjo
Var ganske tett på denne her, tanken var å få en enkelt blomst til å skille seg ut på en mørk bakgrunn. Jobbet litt for å få den skarp da jeg hadde glemt festeanordningen for kamera til stativ hjemme så dette bildet er også håndholdt når det var relativt mørkt ute. Kunne vørt skarpere, men er relativt fornøyd egentlig :)

When I see these beautiful flowers that you show us Sir @gyldenhorn I feel it sends us a message that nature is beautiful and miraculous and we humans are responsible to our environment and we must protect this beauty

I totally agree with you @Redouanemez. I am all inn for protecting the environment and the nature. I think if we humans dont stop polluting the world as we know it will disappear in a few years time.
Just hope the governments around the world also see the same.

Yes @gyldenhorn you are right we must do all we can to protect the environment peoples and governments.

But what makes me sad sometimes is that we see that today many governments of the great powers of the world are only growing their stocks of nuclear weapons.

Hi @gyldenhorn
The beautiful blend of blue, added to the center, flowers, white and yellow is natural and very visible. I like it very much, you are very good at taking his portrait.
Thank you for sharing beautiful flowers and photography :)

Thx a lot @Amuchtar. In this picture it is the meaning that the flower shall be out on the left in the picture. I am glad you liked it :)

For every moment of our life has a positive side that we have to look for it and reveal it.

the winter season also has its benefits especially for an agricultural country like ours but certainly the spring remains the best for everyone I think. because it gives more freedom of movement and organization of plans and programs.

Kind Regards.

You are kind of lucky to have a good climate all year. Here in Norway it is cold at least for 4-5 months, sometimes more. And then it is so nice when the spring and the warmth finally arrives :) It is macro photo time :)))


beautiful indigo colored flower. well focused, good job

Thx a lot @Elevator09, glad you liked it

with pleasure

Is this yours? because as far as I know yours are all shiny and grown up. I wish I could plant that kind of flowers here in my country, at least we have mangoes, lol.

This is mine :) This time of year in Norway is a explosion of colors in nature. So will be posting a lot of pictures in the days to come :)

Once again I let myself be stunned by these little, neat, flowers.

Geez! We were more stunned to see the beauty of the flowers are very extraordinary. Really, Norway produces beautiful flowers. Very amazing! Accept @gyldenhorn has shared the beauty.

Have a beautiful day!

Thx a lot @Seha76, I guess it is a lot of nice and colorful flowers in your country also :)

Best one. You saved the best one for the last. I like your style. After seeing this leaverleafs photos, one word just pop in to my head "WOW". You said this is your last post of the blue leaverleafs, to hear that i feel bad because i really liked those beautiful leaverleafs.

Hi @Dannywill. Thx a lot for liking this. I also think that this is probably one of the best leaverleaf photos I have taken this year and that is why I was thinking to not post any more of them now. But, maybe if I find a "perfect" shot there will be one more :)

Beautiful, amazing, mesmarizing, elegant , nice, breathtaking, what else i can say about this photographs.

Hi @Latikasha, thx a lot for liking my picture. Think this is the best on of this flower so far this year :)

Excellent flower and wonderful photography.....................i appreciate your post........Take this picture below myself.


Wow its amazing flower! Your selection is awesome, all time you posts great photography that really fantastic, thanks to share and one upvote for you.

It's so pretty! Love the royal blue.

Cute little flowers! Very beautiful to enjoy. There are so many great flowers in your country, sir! Thank you for sharing. Regards!

Wow!wonderful flower
Beautiful photography
thanks for sharing

Beautiful flower. outstanding photography.

Beautiful macro photo flower. I like this color blue flower. Excellent @gyldenhorn thanks for sharing

wonderful photography. Take this picture below myself.
Hoa 23.jpg

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