Macrophoto - #5 - Stretching for the light

in #norway4 years ago

Just can't get enough of these liverleafs. The seasons when their are in bloom are soon over so, I just had to capture some more pictures of them before the the white liverleaf take over.
This one was one of the smallest one and were stretching up for the light.


Until next time, stay safe, warm and dry


Stalk of this flower captured so nicely. Hairy structure on it is very thin and shiny.

Thank you @Introvert-dime, I love these flowers. They are amongst the first ones to show them selfs after the winter here in Norway, so always out looking for them now in the spring time :)

Nice photography @gyldenhorn, I really like the vivid color!

Thx a lot, I am satisfied with the colors on this picture :)

Hi @gyldenhorn

It is really nice !

I would like to understand how flowers can turn to the light, blossom or close, when they have no muscles ..?!

I could just say that nature is a beautiful and extraordinary world.

Best Regards @Redouanemez

Thx a lot @Redouanemez
Interesting thing you mention about how they are able to close their leafs when they have no muscles :)

Hi @gyldenhorn
Your photo capture is great. looks like a windmill that gives beauty in the color part. But unfortunately the bloom will end soon, and it takes time to see it again.

Yes, it kind of looks like a windmill @Amuchtar. Thx for your nice comment :)

Another beautiful flowers & another amazing photography. Hats of to you @ gyldenhorn. Looks like the liverleafs is smiling. What a beautiful flowers!!

Thx for the nice comment @Latikasha. I must say that I really love the liverleaf

Hi @Gyldenhorn, I totally agree with your point of view about the liverleafs were stretching up for the light. These Liverleafs are so cute. Eagerly waiting to see beautiful photos of the White liverleaf flowers.
Have fun @Gyldenhorn & best of luck.

Hello @Pijon. Glad you liked it. Think I have maybe one or two more of the blue ones before the white :)

Oh my goodness! Really Norway produces the most extraordinary flowers. I'm not satisfied to see it. Accept @gyldenhorn has shared the beauty and happiness.


Thx a lot @Seha76, this time of the year it is starting to pop up flowers all over the place :)

We simply can’t get enough floral photography. They are so beautiful & mesmerizing. Joy is seeing sunshine’s reflection in Mother Nature’s flowers.

Thx for your comment @Dannywill

amazing capture

@gyldenhorn Good day good shot, I'm new to steemit and I caught your attention your photo, and I show you a shot in my garden with my lenovo a808t phone, a Red Rose in all its splendor, every day I dedicate it to my wife and daughter, and today I share it with you. Screenshot_2018-04-23-07-44-05.jpeg

As a flower in the garden
Bending toward the sun,
Unfolds it’s tiny petals
One, by one, by one…
So faith expands it’s beauty
Until at last it grows
Into life’s lasting flower…
The heart’s fair perfect rose.
BY-Rebecca Helmann.

I think this beautiful poem was written for this liverleafs flowers.

Awesome photography! One upvote for cute flower!

Nice flower
Amazing photography

Thanks for the information, thanks to you you can quickly find the right flight in any direction.

Are you drunk??? What are you talking about???

Wow!great photography
thanks for sharing

photo of a beautiful flower macro. i like blue and purple. your work is truly amazing @gyldenhorn

wow very excellent photography

fint bilde av vakker makroblomst. lyse farger og kjent. Virkelig imponerende og søt @gyldenhorn

Amazing flower. Beautiful macro photo @gyldenhorn

Many people use themes.and this is so vary thanks for given next photo share

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