Learning to use Lee filters for photo shooting - part 3

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This time in my way to try to learn how to shoot with Lee filters, I am displaying two shots. One with filters and the same picture without any filters and minimal editing.

I still have a long way to go to manage these filters and to day I got a bit frustrated when nothing went as planned.
First the wind took hold of the camera and tripod, nearly blowing them over.
When I finaly manage to sett it up right, the sea and waves flushed over both me and the camra so we both got soakd.
After that my fingers were so cold that pushing the different buttons on the camera were a challenge.

In addition to that, all the pictures got to dark, so I had to go back and forth on different settings just to get some light in the picture.
When I finally did find out of the light, all the pictures got out of focus.

Here I have used hard graduated filter and a Big stopper filter. 3.30 min shutter time


Here you can see the original photo without the filters . As you can see it is a lot of Waves


After a lot of swearing and cold fingers it looked like I had something like a result so I went home.
When I looked at the pictures on the computer, nearly everyone were ruined because of salt from the water that was attacehd to the lense.
So it were a lot of bad words comming out of my mouth to day. But I just have to remember that this were only my second try with Lee filters.
Next week I going to stay in Bergen so hopefully I will get some more training with Lee in the fjords in west coast of Norway.
So if there are any Steemians in Bergen that want to grab a coffee let me know :)

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Until next time, stay safe, warm and dry.

Kindest regards


glad to see some pics in part 3, i'd never heard of a lee filter until i encountered your previous posts...

just curious, i'm no photographer so don't beat me up if this sounds stupid, but is there any benefit to using a physical filter like this vs some kind of digital post-processing that recreates the lee filter effect?

i'm the kind of guy who still has a ton of vinyl records so i'm sympathetic to the idea that analog filter could do it better in photography as well music ;-)

Hi @Marketstack
Yes there are a lot of benefits of using filters. I dont think it is possible to get these effects if you only do digital editing.
And I always trie to make the photo as "done" as possible when I am shooting. Then the results of digital editing gets even better.


I dont think it is possible to get these effects if you only do digital editing.

thats very cool to hear, really seems to add an ethereal quality, esp to water n sky, that i cant describe

look forward to seeing more!

I think, Shoting practice place is better for visiting than shoting.. this is nice place. I am facinated reading your post. However carry on your work.. You will be good shoter soon.

I love the way you use your filter, and love how the colors are displayed on the pics:-) hope you don’t catch a cold after getting wet in this weather:-)
What photo editing program can you recommend for us that don’t have this cool lee filter:-)?

Thx a lot @Everydaycoach
Feeling fine so dont think the cold water did any damage :)
I recommend Lightroom. Only one I use :)

Kindest regards

Hi @gyldenhorn,I liked bolth pictures! I have gotten my hands wet while fishing and I know how hard it is to move your fingers. It must be almost impossible with the cold weather you have in Norway!

Thank you @Tbnfl4sun :)
Do you like fishing? That is my second hobby beside photo.
Last time I was in Tampa I went out with a guide called Bill, from Treasure island. Got a lot of fish, mostly snook and a mother spices that was quiet big but I have forgotten the name of it.
What do you hunt for when you are fishing?
Kindest regards

Awesome post man!

Yeah. I like it this post

First of all you have done an great filter work in this picture, but in my opinion there no filter which can replace the beauty essence of original one. Thanks for sharing this post.

Stay Blessed. 🙂

Hi @gyldenhorn !
Do you know an app called LEE Filters - Stopper Exposure Guide ?
This application is available on iOS and helps owners of filters Little Stopper (6 stops), Big Stopper (10 stops) and Super Stopper (15 stops) to calculate precise way the exposure time necessary to well expose his image.

Hi @Redouanemez, yes I am using that app all the time to find out the shutter time :)
Thx for the tip :)

Nice pict.
what cameras and lenses are you wearing?

I am using a canon m3 with a 18-55 mm lense and Lee seven5 filter. Here a hard graduated filter and big stopper.

good. I see This photo I use camera nikon d5200 lens without filter 18-55mm. hopefully happyDSC_0870-01.jpeg

Really great style, I can see that you are a nature & cloud lover! Maybe you want to try the #LoveTheClouds contest! :)

Thx. Maybe I will send in a picture o clouds when I feel I have something good :)
But, I dont think I can participate in you contest because I dont reesteem posts if it is not something I work with or some really important content.
Dont want people that are following to get spammed with things that not come from me.
But, I hope you will be successful with your work and I can see if I can give you a vote from time to time :)

Kindest regards

alright, no problem, thanks :)

This is so great! You got the great point here......

Wow, excellent photography, your capture shoot very nice, thank you sharing nice post

What are you shooting on that can take a blast of salty Norwegian sea to the face and live to tell the story?

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This is amazing shots, I think you are learning to well. Shots are like the pro. :)

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Your edits are actually nice and the filter is very unique..more of that and improvements you will be outstanding

I am ambivalent about Communities here. Probably good for the site as a whole, but maybe not for me as I’m not the joining kind. What’s a Type B personality borderline antisocial quasi-misanthropic rat bastard to do?

WHat about taking charge of your life and your thoughts?

Sorry for getting soaked. At least you went there for a purpose and believe me you got something. Although I don't know anything about picture stuffs but believe me I am motivated to learn from what u have just seen in your post... It's beautiful..the steemit community is a waiting to learn from you.

good work produces beautiful picture quality too

this is so amazing

up vote and re steam

upvote and resteemd

what filter do you use

camera nikon d5200 no filters lens 18-55mm. my junior photography😁

Thanks for sharing your experiences and helping others learn. Following your blog as of today. I love photography and nature!

wow can you teach me ?

Photo you have taken before and after filters seems very nice.
Thanks for sharing with us :)

The more things become possible for you, the more clearly you realize that nothing can be done bypassing the laws of nature.

Very beautiful photos
Wow, You have learned it.

nice art..upvote and resteemd..

The intersting part is that lee filters could affects negative. For example, to see how much negative was changed beside the original. If there is a way to keep thigns not change (looks better without changes) and in the same time could change things looks better within chages. I would love it. gyldenhorn

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Wow, that looks amazing. Quite the difference between with and without filters. Mind = blown

Stilig effekt!!