Hope all you geeks, me included, have a happy STAR WARS day and MAY the 4th Be with you.

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As probably all you Star Wars fans know it is the national day for a galaxy far far away this day.
Guess they are celebrating at Tatooine, Hoth, Naboo and all the other planets in the system.

And since a huge part of my favorite filme, The Empire Strikes back, was filmed in Norway, I am celebrating to day.
All the scenes from the ice planet Hoth was filmed in Finse in the winter time.

Here our hero Darth Wader has made claim of Finse in the name of the Empire

Darth og Finse.jpg

Here you see the classic attack on the rebel base, initiated by the AT-AT Walker

Well, this was my little geek side that came out.
Until next time, stay safe, warm and dry.
Kindest regards


Hi @gyldenhorn
I've been busy lately for your follow-up
i missed your articles.

My favorite character in the film it's Yoda

Since 2013, Walt Disney Pictures, now the owner of the Star Wars license since the acquisition of Lucasfilm, has made May 4 even more of a Star Wars day.

That is so true @Redouanemez and it is said the Disney is going to expand the univers with more standalone films

Hi @gyldenhorn
Glad to see you back. After a few days, do not read your post. As I know the movie "Star wars" is indeed very successful, there are several other series, which must be watched. Have a nice day. And the celebration went well.

Thx a lot @Amuchtar This week is also a bit hectic, but will try to make a post later to day or maybe to morrow. We are having a fest here for my youngest daughter, celebrating that she is coming into the adults world. It is a standard here in Norway. Think I will make a post of it to morrow evening.

You are welcome. @gyldenhorn.
Hopefully your youngest daughter event goes well. and fun of course.
I am waiting for your next post :)

"May the 4th be with you" is a full-fledged unofficial holiday, "Star Wars Day."
Actually, as far as Lucasfilm and Disney are concerned, it's quite official.

As legend has it, and according to the origin story recognized by Lucasfilm, the phrase was first used on May 4, 1979, the day Margaret Thatcher took office as UK prime minister. The Conservative party allegedly placed an ad in the London Evening News which read, "May the Fourth Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations."

Sir, I am giving a link below. You can check the details if you want.

Link: http://bit.ly/starwar2018


Hi @Smithandy
The story about Margaret Thatcher is fun fact. :)
Thx a lot for the link and have a great day

Happy Star Wars Day to you too brother! Check out our latest post, it has a special Star Wars treat! :D

Thx a lot @Breakoutthecrazy.
Nice music you are making for us!!!

STAR WARS is one of my most favorite movie series of all time. I watched everyone of them from "A New Hope to Rogue One" except the last one "Solo: A Star Wars Story". I didn't know Dear @Gyldenhorn, you are a great fan of STAR WARS Movies. This is so amazing that you Sir @Gyldenhorn love STARS WARS Movies & i also love STARS WARS Movies.

Same here @Pijon I think I have watched them at least 30 times each, maybe a lot more. Looking forward to the stand alone Solo: A Star Wars Story. It has premiere in the cinema here in Norway the 25 of MAY I think.
I am going to be first in line to get a ticket :)

Dear @Gyldenhorn, you watched every movies of that Star Wars series 30 times each OMG!! You are the biggest fan of the STAR WARS Series & i am a little fan compare to You Sir. I watched each one 5 maybe 6 times. Like you Sir I also eagerly waiting for the last part "Solo: A Star Wars Story".

May 4 has always been an important date for fans of 'Star Wars' around the world.

For that I also want to wish Happy Star Wars @gyldenhorn!

Happy Star Wars Day George Lucas & Tom Crews


Hopefully more successful 501st Legion


Thx a lot @Shea76 :)

For your Honor Sir @Gyldenhorn

the empire strikes back.jpg

Did you know The Empire Strikes Back is the Star Wars film with the saga’s lowest body count, with just 30 deaths appearing on screen. When the movie was released on May 21st 1980, The Empire Strikes Back became the first Star Wars film to have a number by its title in the opening credits - Episode V. Back in 1977 the original Star Wars was not called A New Hope nor did it feature 'Episode IV', this came later when Star Wars was re-released as a double bill with Empire on April 10th 1981.

Thx for that nice info @Mdsahid :)

Happy star wars day :) Little late though, did you get to run the movie marathon?

Thx a lot @K3nb0b Was working late so didn't had the time to do a marathon this year :(
How about you?

Did sadly not get around to it this time either :/

I didn't know Stars Wars movie "The Empire Strikes back" was Filmed in Norway. Its really a new information for me. Thank you so much @Gyldenhorn for this cool information. You are a die hard fan of Stars wars so you must be very proud that Stars Wars one of the best movie was filmed in your country. Did you ever visited the place where The Empire Strikes back cinema was filmed ?

Hello @Latikasha
I have been at the same place and stod under the same sign as Darth Vader himself :)

That's so cool.

The Empire Strikes back filmed in Norway that's so amazing to know. The Empire Strikes back is one of my favorite of the Stars Wars Series. Is it you wearing Darth Wader costume in the first picture under the Finse Sign?

Hehe I wish it was @Dannywill, but I think this is the "real" Darth Vader from the movie :)

It seems like I'm the only nerd who has never watched a single film of Star wars, what a shame! lol.

It's great, Darth vader must have been shivering from cold in Norway considering the weather there xD

I'm glad you are back, cheers! :)

Wow?!?!?! Have you never seen the Star Wars saga @Ralk98??? Shame on you :)
Then you have to see it soon if you are into SI-FY.
Guess the dark Sith lord was shivering from the cold here in Norway. It is said that it was about -20 degrees celsius during the making

Shame on me haha , but you know what? now that you remind me, I will try to watch the first movie someday in this month and be a real movies nerd, I'm trying to get up to date with movies at least once a week, step by step I'm getting more cultured! Greetings :D

I just yesterday read about it in Russia too there are fans of this film and this day is celebrated. I still have not watched all the series as a whole

Hello @Solnishko
You have to see them all, they are great :)

This is Great history writing
Happy star wars day
thanks for sharing

Sir, I post your blog poets seriously, every post has written a lot about important issues. Today you have said about star war day. Yes, that's what you said is very important, and thank you so much for sharing this in the community about the important days in this community. Community members are able to know and this is your subject Loi community will play a very big role.


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