A little stream of light.

in #norway2 years ago

Down at the forest floor there is an absence of direct light from the sun.
This little flower has found a small ray from the sun that makes it grow.
The flower is called Lysimachia europaea or Skogsstjerne in Norwegian.
Hope you liked it.


Until next time, stay safe, warm and dry


Uploaded a few pictures, and the image you uploaded is extremely high resolution and it looks great.Especially the photos you upload have been published very nicely and I hope you will do photography in the future and I think you are a skilled photographer :)

Thank you @Smithandy

I look forward to seeing your picture and learning about your photography skills i feel great 😊

Absolutely liked this beautiful flower and you took nicely that really attracted me. I like your photography lots, and all time you post some awesome photographs that anyone could not but like it, so i want more photographs from you, thanks.

Hello @Tangera
It warms my heart that you like my photos! There will be a lot more in the weeks and months to come :)

You always post great blogs and publish a very beautiful idea about the life of Norway, and today the way you wrote the North Block post and uploaded the photo, it is really fascinating to me and your photography has been attracted very nicely.

Thanks a lot @Olvio

The beautiful and amazing white Skogsstjerne. Why? Perhaps in the dense forest and minimal sunlight he can grow well.

I think Skogsstjerne provides life lessons for us that life should be continued even in the hardest places.

"Stay safe, warm and dry @gyldenhorn"

That was some good thoughts and advice @Black-horse

Beautiful Norwegian flower.Nice photography.

Thx @Rupok

our nature is full of thrill. this flower of beauty has been grown with little light!!!!!!!

That is so true :)

Lysimachia is not just a pretty flower and spoil the eye only.

However, a very sweet little description, made me have to drain my brain.😁

In this case, a small flower in the woods that minus the sun, Lysimachia.

Then, what is the philosophy of life in that context?

I remember, when I was still eating school bench ^ _ ^

My religious teacher says that every living being, God has guaranteed its survival.

Even so, small flowers in the middle of the forest is thick and cold and covered by sunlight though.

A Year gift that needs to be grateful for all the time.

Really the photography that gives amazing inspiration.

And, thanks @gyldenhorn for sharing it so well.


Thx a lot for those nice words @Seha76.
I hope you have a great day!!!

The flower is beautiful, and the picture goes well along with it :) make it keep glowing!

Thank you @Notsoperfectlife :)

Sir just read your blog post and I like the picture above. I feel that you have made a good picture, and you are constantly uploading all the photographs that I am constantly uploading. To do some great photography.

Sir, I express sincere respect to you!

Wow what a beautiful photography you have taken with the film very efficiently and you have clicked while taking the picture in time, for which your picture is very beautiful, and it is very easy to get a picture. You can show how beautiful a picture can be through this picture,I think you took this picture of your precious time, and the image that you have presented to us is one of the best pictures you've ever taken.

What a beautiful shot! its great 👌👍

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