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RE: DrugwarS - Vikings [NORWAY] - The beginning- day 1

in #norway5 years ago

my dw ranking is the lowest. I use my alt @librarian, and haven’t spent steem on it yet. Interested to see Vikings gang strategy.


You are so welcome to the Vikings gang @librarian

I can not tell you all of the Vikings gang strategy (the enemy will read it), but it is magnificent - Outstanding of its kind.

What I can do is sending 13 STEEM to your wallet if you buy this 3 buildings; Pharmaceutical Lab, 3D Metal printing and Industrial Distillery for the money. This will give you the best start for growing big and is the first part of our strategy.

Do we have a deal @librarian?

No need to send Steem. I have enough steem. I will buy those buildings.

No need to send STEEM?

I love our girls in the Vikings gang and one that is very honest too like you get my love and respect at once.

I will protect you! Let me know if somebody give you too much trouble and I will pay them a visit they will never forget.

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