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RE: DrugwarS - Vikings [NORWAY] - Security - day 2

in #norway5 years ago

With the new separate wallet, I can't send an encrypted memo. When I enter active key it says "can't encrypt missing a memo key", when I enter memo key it says "can't encrypt missing an active key".

Maybe I am doing something wrong.


Hello @geekgirl ;-)
@Fender Head of security here.

It is working fine, I have just been sending you a secret message to your wallet now.

You get the "missing key" message because the wallet need both keys. One for the Memo and the second for the money tranfer. First you log in to the wallet with the Memo key and then you use Active key when you send the message.

It does not work if you start when you are already logged in with your Posting key.

Note: the wallet log you out every time after you use the Memo key when you are finished. This is also for security so other people can not read secret messages if they borrow your computer or you want to show them something on the screen. When you refresh you will be logged out and the message is hidden again.

Thank you for explaining how it works. Just tried it. It worked!!

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