Steepshot: A winter view from the Docks in Stavanger

in #norway3 years ago

While home for Christmas holidays, I took this picture at the docks. The region is famous for its fjords, so I thought it was a cool view showing how although the city gets no snow in winter, the snowy mountains are are still within view!

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I love thous colorful, old houses. I have never been to Stavanger. Would love to visit one day. When I was studying in Norway I did not have much resources to travel around. Traveling in Norway is so expensive! :)

When I eventually move back, I'll have to invite you over :) we're many steemians in Stavanger actually, so we could make some food together and have a place for you to stay too. Then it wouldn't be that bad ^^

That sounds lovely! ^^

Saya sangat suka menggikuti jejak anda ke Stavanger .tapi kendala sangat mahal, bantu saya untuk pergi ke norwegia

Amazing photo @fredrikaa Thanks for sharing

Amazing photo shoot. Excellent photography. Thanks for sharing the post

Oh I miss that view. I lived there for 2 months last year (2016), ahaha yes I still think I am in 2017.

Ehe @lyee is my sister. She drove my boat under the Stavanger Bru. Ahah cool small world.

i lived in Nowray couple of years ago

Nice photo :D iv'e actually been there once :P Hangover and tired, just walking around in stavanger waiting to get sober so i can drive home to bergen :P hehe

Hey hey I live i Stavanger too ✌🌹

Is Stavenger a place for a backpacker like myself to visit? I’ll be in Europe in the spring. Plan to make Norway part of it. Happy New Year fredikkaa so glad you had so much success here this year socially and financially and have had a good overall experience on steemit. You were one of the first pages I looked forward to reading! Thanks for all the great posts.

Nice shot @Fredrikaa :)
Merry new year :D

Wow, some bridges are really nice, when I travel the most surprising architecture that catchs my attention are those bridges with a big landscape behind. I have never been in Norway, but I would love to visit.
I know Stavenger becouse Ive listened about its importance as a port in other times and nowadays.

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