Winter Bumblebee

in #norway3 years ago

Bumblebee in January?

When I was out repairing the lawnmower cable I found this little fellow all cold and wet in the grass.
Took him inside so he could dry up before I let him fly back home.
I have never seen a bumblebee in January before.

Original (4608x3456)

Original (4608x3456)

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Location: Jæren, Norway
Camera: Nikon P900
No filter have been used
No editing have been made to these photos
Photographer: @flatman
Date: January 12th 2019

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Bumblebees are useful in nature, and so good that you saved it. Thank you for sharing.😊👍

Yes they are, and we absolutely need more of them, lets hope this little guy found a place to hibernate

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