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RE: Welcome to the Garage Sale Issue 8 - Velkommen til garasjesalget utgave 8

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The spring is here in Norway and the sun in shining. I have bought my herbs, tomato and cucumbers to plant in this fantastic felt pot's, how about you?

This auction is for 3 pieces of 3 gallon felt pots.
In this pots you can plant everything for herbs to small trees.
So hurry up and and make your bid at @Babsboard garagesale
The link to the post is here click here

And do not forget the famous CashBack

Best regards @EveryDayCoach


HI @EveryDayCoach
Da prøver jeg meg igjen på de fine pottene dine. Dem passer perfekt hos meg :-)
I try once more for the pots :-)

Mitt bud er 28 SBD - My bid is 28 SBD

Best regards from

You are the winner of auction this auction @Barbro

Just send 28 SBD to @everydaycoach. And you know the drill with the address in the memo.

The Upvote Cannon Boat will now summon people to come and give you some nice CachBack.

Have a great day and enjoy the CashBack

Best regards @EveryDayCoach

Dear Mr. @EveryDayCoach

Yes. Finaly the pots were mine. Thank you very much.

Jaaa... Endelig ble pottene mine:-) Tusen Takk. Jeg klør i fingrene til å begynne å plante. Det begynner å bli dags nå:-)

SBD er overført....

Stor klem fra

Congratulations @barbro,

Enjoy making beautiful plants growing in those wonderful pots. I'm happy for you.


Best regards

Congratulations @Barbro,
Wishing you even more success in the future.


giphy (23).gif

Congratulate you from my Heart for winning this Bid.

Congratulation. Enjoy every moment of it @Barbro.


congratulations @barbro !

You had these beautiful pots! apparently you like plants, take a good look at them and have fun with the beauty of plants and nature.

Best Regards @Redouanemez

Congratulation Dear @Barbro for winning these Grow pots.


Many many congratulation to you @Barbro. You really deserve this Win.

giphy (24).gif

Congratulations to you @barbro win well deserved Orange Cat of Steemit image

Congratulations to you win @ well deserved Orange Cat Stemit

Congratulations @redouanemez! You got a visit from @gentlebot!


Thank you @hasmez !

Congratulation Dear @Redouanemez, you got an @upvote from @gentlebot. Its so cool you & me, we both got an @upvote from @gentlebot.


Thank you @pijon !

You are most welcome @Redouanemez.


From this photos I think you are Mexican :)
is not it ?

Hi @Redouanemez
I am from Bangladesh.

But i also love Mexico & its Culture.

Regards @Pijon

Thank you @gentlebot
You are really nice ;)
I'm glad you did not forget me


My bid for those 3 pieces of 3 gallon felt pots is 19 SBD.

Needed for my Rooftop Garden.
Want to grow some Strawberries.


Steem Power of Sir @BabsBoard Wallet on payout of this post will be 13380.

Thanks again @GentleBot. I am so happy right now.

I got 3 @upvote from @GentleBot. Thank you so much @GentleBot for these @upvote.

Congratulations @pijon! You got 3 upvotes from @gentlebot successively! I'm not going to upvote you in order to let this gentle robot cast the fourth upvote four you!


Thank you so much Dear @Hasmez for wishing me.

my bid for those felt pots is 5 sbd. i like it. it need for my garden

Hi @zahidul0

I think the last offer was 26 SBD you have to give a bid higher than 26 and good luck :)

Best Regards @Redouanemez

Ok friend @redouanemez... Thanks for your suggestion .....

You are welcome Bro @zahidul0 !

Hi @everydaycoach.
I want this to plant my herbs and maybe an olive tree:-)

My bid is 10SBD

I need those fantastic felt pot's to plant some Paprika Seedlings .

Again i raise my bid to 26 SBD.


I want some felt pots for my garden. My bid is 13 SBD.

I am back with my new offer & my new offer is 25 SBD.


Hi @everydaycoach !

I want to have Your pots So I bid 5 SBD

Best Regards @Redouanemez

Hi Everyone, My BID is 17 SBD for these Strong felt pots.
Wana grow some Tomato.


I raise my bid to 20 SBD.

And My guesstimate is 13,445 SP.


Hi @latikasha
the guestimate of steem power of @babsboard you have to be in the auction of the t-shirt.
best regards.

Hi @agdali
You should read again the rules about "participating into the guesstimate contest" or you can visit the older post of "Garage Sale Issue" to see a participant can guesstimate once when She/He bid. I think you misunderstood something.
If i made a mistake about entering in to the contest or break any rules, i think Sir @BabsBoard & @EveryDayCoach would have already point out the mistake.

Regards @latikasha.

Thank so much @gentlebot for giving me an @upvote.


Oh Congratulations @agdali and @latikasha you got both of you an upvote from @gentlebot, wow what is generous this bot, many thanks

Thank you so much @Amalmez

thank you @amalmez and @gentlebot

best regards

Yes @everydaycoach, I want this fantastic felt pot's!

I bid 5 SBD for it.


Raise my Bid.
My new Bid is 22 SBD.


I will not give up so easily.

My new offer is 24 SBD.

Those pots will looks good in my garden.

My offer is 14 SBD for those pots.


I need those fantastic felt pot's to grow some vegetables.

My bid is 11 SBD.


Sorry Dear @Latikasha, i really need those Grow Pot's that's why i raise my bid to 21 sbd.


Hi @everydaycoach my bid for the 3 fantastic pots is 23 DBD image

Hello, sir @everydaycoach,
My bid for this 3 pots is 12 SBD.

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