Celebration and Give away 1000 followers

in #norway6 years ago

YES!!!!!!!!! after 81 days I reached another goal and as promised I will have another give away.


I will share 50% of the sbd from this post. I will also give away 1 membership in @steembasicincome for every 10 sbd this post recieves. So if this post receive 30 sbd i will give away 3 memberships.

If you want to take part in this giveway upvote, comment and resteem this post and I will pick the best comment to win price and as many members to @steembasicincome as the value will tell.

Have a great day!

Best regards @everydaycoach


Gratulerer med dine første 1000, det tar nok ikke lange tiden før du kan legge på en null bak der også!
håper du ikke glemmer oss på gulvet nå du blir en steemit konge :D

Gratulerer med å få tusen følgere! 82 dager er mye mindre enn det tok meg å nå samme nummer, så jeg kan se for meg at du ender opp med veldig mange følgere om ikke så lenge ;)

Its so great that in just 81 days you have already a big achievements here in steemit.. I admire you for that.. Keep on steeming for more achievements. Congratulations!!!! Hurrray hurray!!! hurray !!! @everydaycoach

Thank you so much, yes I’m very pleased with my achievement:-)

Thank you for sharing your blessings.....

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I forgot to comment !! Hope I’m still in and not late

Sure, not to late, just got give a good reason:-)

Oh no :/ well honestly my reason is I thought I already had commented ! Just a space case I guess , won’t happen again haha

Wow! Congratulations @everydaycoach! 🎉

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