The urban clown

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The Squirrel is in my opinion the most entertaining animal we can experience in urban areas. From my living room window I can often see two of them chasing each other up and down the tree trunks. The squirrels deposits a lot of nuts and pine cones all over the place so that they can enjoy their snack later. I have read somewhere that they forget as much as 30% of their food deposits, so of you find pine cones in an unlikely place it’s probably your local (forgetful) squirrels forgotten snack.

Have a nice weekend:-)



Knall fin :)


Lucky you for being able to observe them from the comfort of your home :) Where do you live in Norway?
I remember seeing a few squirrels in the park last year, but there are nowhere to be seen now. You have some beautiful drawings in your blog :)

Thank you:-) I live in a small town Fredrikstad, south of Oslo. We have the forest behind our house. I live there with erlendgroseth and our boys. I think you know him here?

Oh, yes! I have been following him for a while now 😁 I am ashamed to admit it, but I lived in Denmark for 4 years, and I never managed to visit Norway.

Kjempefin! Du burde lage egen mandala-bok:)

Takk for det. God ide:-)

Most outstanding matter of this image is "it is made of leafs flowers..What an idea to picturize a natural animal with nature.i love it

Thank you:-)

Take Thank you from me for your innovation in my Bangla Language "Dhonnobad"

Dear @ettena these art works are awesome, they are full of color and I like it, good luck my friend :)

I followed you to see more from you ;)

Thank you:-)

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We often go to the forest to feed the squirrels. In autumn they bury treats and run away.

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