A feather in your cap

in #norway5 years ago

Bird feathers is probably one of nature’s most creative and at the same time beautiful creations.

These days the only remains of a worldwide craze is the expression “A feather in your cap”, no more than a 150 year ago selling feathers was a global billion dollar industry. I can understand why, feathers are undoubtedly beautiful to behold with all their colours and details. I prefer to see them come to use where they belong rather than as an accessory for self-centred humans.

Do you have a favourite?



Favoritten er den med sommerfuglen, men alle var veldig fine altså! :)

Den grønne og orange på nest øverste linje er min favoritt.
Fikk med til å tenke på da jeg lekte cowboy og indianer når jeg var lite :)

Alle er fine, men den som er i midten der er nok favoritten :)

Wow , what wonderful colours.

Thank you:-)

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