The riverbed

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Had and enjoyable weekend together with @gyldenhorn, @queen-b and @ettena in new Gyldenhorn cabin. Yesterday we walked down to the riverbed, the shoreline has dropped more than 10 meters and the view point in this image will be well under water in only a few weeks when all the snow in the surrounding mountains fill the lake again. There is dozens, if not hundreds of those small streams running down from higher grounds.
Thanks for a great weekend @Gyldenhorn.
Cheers, Erlend

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Var en super helg :) Vi gleder oss allerede til neste gang dere blir med opp :)

Et fantastisk flott bilde:-)

Hi Erlend, you have here a nice foto and a beautifull gallery, congrats! I like the landscape Fotos really much, that's why i doo it too :-)

Maybe you like my pics too it would be nice if you would check it...

awesome long exposure. it sounds like a great weekend and it looks like a beautiful place to spend some relaxing time.

Wow man this doesn't even look real, absolutely amazing. Looks like a painting.
This picture made my day.
I'm a photography fan

what a photography..!
taken by an expeet hand..
just amazing..👌👌👌👌

Wonderful steepshot!!! Really your country is one of the most beautiful place in the world as you share some marvelous click which we never seen. Thanks sir @erlendgroseth for always sharing wonderful photography. Eagerly waiting for your next adventure.

Wow !!!
Just wonderful click !!! I don't have enough words to describe
the beauty of these photos @erlendgroseth

That's mind blowing photography.I appreciate your post and this place just looking very extra ordinary..
Thanks for shearing this post...

Beautiful place from Norway. Outstanding photo shoot and excellent photography......@erlendgroseth. thanks a lot for sharing...

Wow I love this shot, amazing!

The landscape in the photos you share is amazing, the snowflake adds to its beauty.
Like photography @erlendgroseth

Sir @erlendgroseth,

really wonder at your creativity. That's made me your fan sir. Best of luck for you sir. Go on.

Wow beautiful shot😍 , that really touch my heart.
Thank you.

This amazing photography

its a beautiful click or beautiful capture | just awesome no doubt about this.

A place like this and the company is some friends, who wouldn't have a good time.
Gotta appreciate the picture though, man
It's stunning

just wow photo shot @erlendgroseth

its look like so beautiful now.

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