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Captured this deer in an unusual environment here the other day. Wonder what she did out there in the wind, not much for a deer to do there really... So I thought black & white could fit the mood of the encounter.
Have a nice weekend. :)
Cheers, Erlend

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The black and white was a good choice.

Beautiful. The colors look stunning

Ble veldig bra med B/W @Erlendgroseth

Takk, litt høy ISO (3200), så jeg måtte "maskere" bort litt støy.

Black and white fits very well, and I like that you added a bit of grain to the image :) Cheers, Erlend!

Thanks, :)
The high ISO "forced" me to add a rugh feel to this image. Normally I don't like go any higher than ISO 100.
This one is all the way up in 3200. (A record high for me)

Haha, ISO 3200 suits very well this image :)) I used to have Fuji X-T1, which produced super pleasant noise at ISO 3200 and 6400 :) I can't the say the same for my Lumix though.

That's a great shot, @erlendgroseth! It's not often that we see deers this close to the coast, and what a lucky coincidence that you were there to capture the moment.

I see them almost every time I'm out there. They use to hang out in an abandoned garden nearby.

Oh, that's interesting. Guess this photo boiled down to patience instead of luck then ;)

Lovely deer...really dear is the most beautiful and innocent creature. The black and white photography really awesome......👌👌👌💜💜💜

Thanks my friend :)

She is lost I think or she is looking for her dear one. Or she is looking for food. Maybe she is enjoying the windy weather.

the black and white has its own beautiful and unique effect that the colored ones are sometimes cannot simply match. very nice composition @erlend. cheers!

I feel the urge to make it my desktop background! May i ask which lenses have you used?

I'd be honored if you did. :)
I used the eos-m 55-200 mm lens for this images..
Cheers, Erlend

Nice photographic skills keep it up, the deer looks pretty amazing

norway is very beautiful natural country.norway is very nice place.

What a beautiful photo 😍

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Relaxing at the shore as shores are the best places to relax, its really unusual to see a deer at such location. Well this black and white thing looks awesome

good photography work, I can learn a lot from you about art photography

Thank you @erlendgroseth for sharing in steemit

Beautiful composition!

a lonely deer in the middle of nowhere. what does she really up to in a place filled with salt water? what does she thinking? oh my dear deer you seem to be so mysterious. she might be depressed... and the more it is very depressing in black and white. cheers!

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