The Lighthouse

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The Pikesten lighthouse in Hvaler/Norway has been in use for decades, guiding sailors to safety. Apparently it is scheduled for demolition. Well, just above it you can see another beacon, it's been with us for more than 4.600.000.000 years. And will probably not go away in our time. The planet Venus.
Have a great weekend.
Cheers, Erlend

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Well done, beautiful ..
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing..

Umåtelig pent bilde dette her @Erlendgroseth
Vi får håpe de ikke river fyret da

That lighthouse looks great with those surroundings. Incredible picture.

Kjempefint bilde @Erlendgroseth
Fint landskap med stemningsfulle fargar og med eit blinkskot av Venus like over toppen av fyrtårnet.

Med vennleg helsing

Wow !!!
So wonderful moment and specially night moment and place is awesome...
Great click @erlendgroseth

Why is it scheduled for demolition..
Ancient architecture is fascinating

Hi @rjunaid12,
Well, the key word is as you said, ancient... The owner is not willing to spend money on maintenance. This has become a delicate and controversial issue in the local community, as it is a lot of warm feelings for this old lighthouse. Could be that it will be saved eventually. I'm crossing my fingers and hope for the best. :)
Cheers, Erlend

I hope it is saved..
I love ancient architecture

Amazing steepshot. Such a beautiful sunset moment. I miss the beautiful moment.

The lighthouse can be used to monitor the sailors, above the lighthouse we can also see the beauty of the sunset to the seabed.
Like photography,What a beautiful sight
Thanks @erlendgroseth

Man you are on fire. What a great photograph.
Everything is perfect in this picture. Love this one

Great shot fits to the lighthouse

@shuvosonow03 scam dont click link

Thanks, downwoted the fellow.
Cheers, Erlend

what a nice picture!! look like awesome place!

That is a really good shot, it is a shame they will demolish it, it looks nice.


Thanks for you comment.
Why do you shout at me by the way?
Normal text is more than sufficient to get my attention ;)
Cheers, Erlend

i am not shouting at you it is some decoration for it

Right, thanks for clearing that up.
Have a great day.
Cheers, Erlend

woww.Fabulous scenery and wonderful photography..your photography skill is too good..amazing place!!

Very good post thanks @erlendgroseth

love the warm tones of the sky in this photo. well done :)

calm & peaceful

i really liike Steepshot
app @erlendgroset

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