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RE: Welcome to the Garage Sale Issue 8 - Velkommen til garasjesalget utgave 8

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Our auction nr 17 issue 8 - Vår auksjon nr 17 utgave 8

Yet another auction of our T-shirt is back due to high popularity.
We still have all sizes, lady and men's model.

Bid what you want and have fun §;-)

The winner get our famous:

@BabsBoard - We fix everything

Enda en auksjon med vår T-skjorte er tilbake grunnet høy popularitet.
Vi har fortsatt alle størrelser, dame- og herremodell.

By hva du ønsker og ha det skikkelig moro når du byr.


Hi everybody,

I bid 30 SBD for this T-shirt.

And I guesstimate the steem power of @babsboard at payout of this post will be 13500


Now it's my turn hahaha. Thank you @gentlebot!


Thanks again @gentlebot! You are very generous! I think we are going to loop over and over again, me thanking you and you upvoting me hahaha


I have already bid 15 SBD, @hasmez. You need to be quicker ;) hehe

I have just changed it to 30 hehehe

This auction goes very very fast!

Oh yeah, everyone wants a Steemit t-shirt today!

Thank you so much @gentlebot!

OMG!! Another @upvote from @gentlebot.

Thanks again @gentlebot.

congratulations you got it

My new bid is 35 SBD! It was not easy to stay as the top bidder today :O

Here we are, hi @babsboard,
I start my bid with 11SBD for the famous t-shirt

I guesstimate the steem power of @babsboard at payout of this post will be 14,500


Oh yeah! We have got some visit from @thing-2 too!

Hi Dear @gagago you have to guesstimate the steem power of Sir @Babsboard's wallet at payout of this post. If i not wrong You guesstimate this post's Steem Power.

Hi @mdsahid,
You were right, thank you for your alert It is because of the speed in writing ;)

Glad to have your visit mr @gentlebot 😊

You are Welcome Dear @gagago.
Happy to help.

I have not seen a very quick auction like this one! Hehehe


I will wait untill things become calm and I bid!

what is this speed :) everyone wants to win
My new bid is 33 SBD

Best Regards @Redouanemez

what is this speed :) everyone wants to win

Yes, everyone wants the famous Steemit t-shirt today! I wonder how high we will go.

I wish good luck to everyone.

Hi @gagago you always want to win my sister :)

I will not let you go, I'm going to bid 13 SBD.

I gusstimate 13,800 SP.


Hi @redouanemez,
And why not, my brother, is there any objection, has @babsboard put a law that prevents the winner before re-participate in the auction, and win again?!! ;)

I believe that anyone can enter the auction, even if they have won before. Money talks, and the biggest bidder wins ;)

My new offer is 36 SBD


I can't wait!

You are the winner of our auction 17 Issue 8 @HasMez
Du er vinneren av vår auksjon 17 Utgave 8 @Hasmez

Just send 36 SBD to the Wallet of @BabsBoard. In the memo you write your name, address + Model and size. If you do not want other people to see your name etc. You just start with # in the memo field, then it is only we and you that can read it.

Bare send 36 SBD til lommeboken (Wallet) til @BabsBoard. I Memo feltet skriver du navn, adresse + modell og størelse. Hvis du ikke vil at andre skal se hva du skriver, starter du med # i Memo feltet. Da er det bare vi og du som kan lese hva du skrev.

Angelina Jolie will now call @Ramta Reddington to come and give you CachBack.
Angelina Jolie vil nå ringe @Ramta Reddington for å komme å gi deg CashBack.

Your post is too old to Upvote! Just make a reply to this one and we will Upvote YOU!

Hi @babsboard,

Finally I had the T-shirt too! The money, adresse and the T-shirt model and size have just been transferred! I thank you very much and I look forward to it!


Best regards

Congratulations to @hasmez for winning this wonderful t-shirt.Your courage and hard work has made you winner.Keep it up.Wish you more success.1918cc4cb9ad4621c78b67dcf6f9d80d.gif

Hey @hasmez finally your hard work paid of.Congratulations for winning this famous t-shirt.I can feel your happiness.Wish you luck for next time.images6.jpg

Congrats to @hasmez for winning this auction.Winning is always make you feel nice.Enjoy the day.images.jpg

Next time when we are going to see each other we will wear the t-shirt together and make a nice photo to share on steemit.


Congratulations my brother, you honored the Mezzane family :)
I'm happy for you.
it's a nice T-shirt with the climate in Morocco because it's getting hot here.

winner-png-congratulations-winner-png-photo-5-600 - Copie.png


Hello, sir @babsboard

I am glad that the famous t-shirt has returned :) my bid is 14SBD

My guesstimate is 12950 SP

You're a little bit too late with bidding 13 SBD, @smer ;) There's already another 13SBD plus a 15 SBD bid in place.

Yes you are right but the time difference was only seconds, I mean the time when I was writing my bid ;)

Hehe, the auction was moving extremely fast today, so it was not easy to see which bid was at the top :)

Hello !

I will try to win this time the T-shirt to give a gift to a friend.

I Bid 10 SBD


Best Regards @Redouanemez

Wow, another Steemit t-shirt auction.
Thank you so much Sir @Babsboard for arranging this amazing auction.

My bid is 13 SBD.


My guesstimate the Steem Power of @BabsBoard Wallet on payout of this post will be 13350

Looks like i am first bidder of that famous & Cool @Steemit T-Shirt.
I start my bid with 3 SBD.

Hi, this shirt looks so cooooool.
My Bid is 25 SBD
And since i have a big CELEBRATION tomorrow I hope to win. I Don't know the English word but in Norwegian it is my "konfirmasjon" tomorrow:-)

I really want to win this time, so I have top pay closer attention to the auction as time goes by, so I don't miss out.

I bid 5 SBD!

I know it will go a lot higher, but we got to start somewhere ;)

And I guesstimate 13,400 SP.

My new bid is 15 SBD.

I bid 22 SBD.

Hi everyone!
I see here the faster auction in the history of the garage sale, what happened hhhh really it’s so funny 😆
luckily I got it in last issue
Good luck everybody 🍀

my bid for T-SHIRT is 5 sbd. thank you @babsboard sir.

Dear @Zahidul0, you have to BID more than 36 SBD for this Famous @Steemit T-Shirt. Because Dear @Hasmez already BID 36 SBD for this Famous T-Shirt 17 Hours ago. Dear @Zahidul0, you should raise your BID.
Thank You.

ok. i am sorry that. thanks for suggest me....

You are most welcome @Zahidul0.
Happy to help.


keep it up @mdsahid... & again everyman if he do mistake..

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