Garage Sale Issue 4 will be back in a few days - Garasjesalgets utgave 4 kommer om noen få dager

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Due to very high success we have a lot of cleaning up to do. We will be back when the job is done.

På grunn av meget stor suksess har vi en del opprydning å gjøre. Vi er tilbake når jobben er gjort.

It was fun and it will be even more fun.

Det var moro og det vil bli om mulig enda bedre.

This is our advice while you are waiting.

Dette er vårt råd mens du venter.


Hei gutter!
Gleder meg til neste utgave, men skjønner veeeeeldig godt at det er en del å rydde opp i når dere har opplevd så stor rush på postene deres som dere har gjort.
Blir spennende og se hva dere tenker i neste utgave. Men, en ting som er helt sikkert det er aldri kjedelig å lese en post fra @Babsboard


Masse lykke til

Enig med deg!
Ser frem til mer hyggelig handel her hos @BabsBoard

As an offer to the readers of @ Babsboard's posts

I will help the person who needs it to make cover photo for their profile, this is something I will not charge for, but all donations are welcome.
(you need to provide me with an image i can work from)

example image taken from Fredrikstad Blad
fredrikstad cover.jpg

I posted this here on this post as this is not a sale, just an offer to the great people of steemit and @BabsBoard

A good vacation « garagesale »
Hoping for the return soon
despite that steemit without the garagesale will not have the same taste.
best regards

Hi @babsboard and @everydaycoach,

Yes it's time to take a break in order
To take advantage of this beautiful spring atmosphere and this golden sun! I don't know about the weather there in NORWAY, but here in MOROCCO, The atmosphere is wonderful!

It's a great idea to make some enhancements to the garage sales issues. I'm sure you will have a great success in the futur and will attract a lot of people especially when the value of STEEM increases. And it does right now, this morning STEEM reached 2.40 USD and SBD reached 3.20 USD. Good news, isn't it?


while waiting for these days, as @gyldenhorn says, stay safe, warm and dry.

Best regards

Flott å se at @babsboard er igang igjen, genialt prosjekt :)

Waiting for the next auction.You are simply great @babsboard.Wish you happy time.@upvoted

I think it's difficult to find another place on steemit to sell and buy like yours, waiting for your return I wish you good luck.

Best Regards @Redouanemez

The video shared contains very useful informations and presented in a very simple way. Now i started to fight my ignorance related to steem.
Waiting for you @babsboard and @everydaycoach to come back pleased to hope to you good luck in your job.

We were waiting for the Garage Sale every week eagerly, when I knew it would stop I felt sad.
But nevertheless I have benefited a lot from you.
thank you @babsboard
we look forward to your return.

best regards @agdali

That's sure!! It will be even more fun, so take your time for cleaning and have a little break. We are waiting for your return eagerly!

Hello @Babsboard,

I will be right here waiting for you 😊

Thanks for the great video


And last but not least good luck for the cleaning


Thanks to @babsboard sir for such nice event.Sir you are doing fabulous job.Keep it up and I wish you more success.

Still waiting for the result of guesstimate contest.


Garasjesalgets utgave 4
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