Announcing the winner of the contest from issue 4 of @BabsBoard garage sale

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We are extremely happy to announce that @TommyHansen is the winner of our contest.

The correct answer ended at 807 Page Views, @TommyHansen guesstimated 815 Page Views.

We are proud to see that so many people take a part in our Garage sale and enjoy our site.

As promised @TommyHansen, we will give you some really good upvotes, all you have to do is make a comment to this post and you will get your reward (big Upvote).
Lionel Messi are waiting for your comment too! He will give his signal to the people so they come and give you Upvotes.

We hope that all of you have as much fun as we do, both with bidding and buying at our auctions, selling your own stuff and participating in our contests.

As most of you know I am down with the flu but we need music.
The language of the Soul.
Are you a 100 bitch? - I am! ~~ Love it - Love it - Steemit.

And some education about money:

Happy sunday everyone
@BabsBoard - We fix everything


Congratulations @TommyHansen

Yes, I think you are Batmann when I see all the STEEM you are buying. You will have a great future with Steem Power like that. Here is the best I have been reading about Steem Power so far:

That's it. You are done. Don't forget to "Power-up" your STEEM if you want to use it for voting.

The more Steem Power you own, the more people will look at your blogs. It's like having a Lamborghini parked in your drive.

I wish everyone could understand like you what Steem Power really do. I think I will make a post about it later.

made by @LordOfTruth

I said to all the girls on Steemit that we should make a song for you, and they kept coming more and more all the time. So here is a song for you about the future on Steemit:

Enjoy your Upvotes from everybody
@Ramta Reddington

Gratulerer, @tommyhansen! Det var litt av en upvote-kanon du vant!

Hi @tommyhansen,
It was not easy to gusstimate the number of page views but you did it! Well done man! Congratulations!


Have a nice week end

A worthy winner I must say,

@Tommyhansen you are the man!!!
With Reidar the parrot on the shoulder, you look great.
Hipp hipp hurray!!!

fyrverkeri 1.jpg

Congratulations @TommyHansen.
There’s your reward for all the hard work you put in! Enjoy every bit of it!

Congratulation (1).jpg

I wish you a hearty Congratulations on this pleasant occasion.

Congratulation (7).jpg

Congratulations @TommyHansen

It is not easy to guess, the right guess is not in vain, but by focusing on previous information and a comprehensive study of the domain in which we guess.



images (13).jpg

nice shadow moment chapter........ great photo shut


Congratulations @TommyHansen....Wish you best of luck

What a moment sir nice to see this,thank you!



congratulation @tommyhansen

Congratulations @TommyHansen for your achievements....

Congratulations @TommyHansen.......................

Congratulations @TommyHansen. YaY you did it man..

why don't you come???please came back and upvote to your fun


A Little photo work for you @tommyhansen
I think you like my edit


@TommyHansen Well done man! Congratulations!

giphy (1).gif

Hi @tommyhansen,
It was not easy to gusstimate the number of page views but you did it! Well done man! Congratulations..U5duHNtXjjSk3HCC5LFsUmZVvZdjBZN_640x480.jpeg

certainly, the effort provided by you mr @ tommyhansen is very remarkable so that your estimate of the number of views is approximate.

Thank you for your efforts.

thanks are also extended to all contributors to this prestigious page including @babsboard and @everydaycoach, @gyldenhorn, @ramta, @barbro, @valth and the famous friend family @ .... mez.

Thank you @aminekad our family @ .. mez consider you as a family member and not a simple friend I wish your brother Yassine joins us as soon as possible to enjoy their extraordinary ideas :)
I would also like to thank our friends: @babsboard, @everydaycoach, @gyldenhorn, @ramta, @barbro, @valth
and we are happy with all the hard work and effort they provide.

Best Regards @redouanemez

Congratulations @tommyhansen,
of course @babsboard, we take advantage of everything on the famous garage sale "the game, fun and also business" thank you very much for the effort you put at our disposal.

Best regards

Many many congrats to @TommyHansen.

congrats (1).jpg

Congratulations @Tommyhansen. You made almost a perfect bet:-)

So nice to see that the @babsboard are continuing with it's success and that all the users contribute to make this a profitable site for it's users.

Best regards @EveryDayCoach

Congratulations @tommyhansen for the accuracy of your guess.

what a wonderful feeling of joy and I hope to live this joy someday in this wonderfull Garage sale full of enthusiasm and fun and of course the sure profit and all this will not be found in another place only here with @basbsoard which I thank so much because he gave us this wonderful space for the development of our talents And our minds with his contests and valuable guidance and nourishing our spirit with its musical selections.

Regards @Gagago

Hello everybody
I am very happy for you @TommyHansen
you deserve it. It's hard to guess the number of views

Congratulation to Mr.@Tommyhansen to win this fantastic Garage Sale Contest & thank you so much @Babsboard to arrange such a amazing & fun auction for us.

Congratulation (3).jpg

Hello @tommyhansen
Congratulations it's very hard to find the exact number of comments, and despite you find it.


Best regards

Congratulations @TommyHansen.

Congratulations to @tommyhansen for your brilliant success.giphy d cap.gif

Great one
thanks for your effort

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Congratulations @Tommyhansen. you did it...

So nice to see that the @babsboard are continuing with it's success and that all the users contribute to make this a profitable site for it's users. THANK YOU

Congratulation sir @TommyHansen. I love your Reider sir.

Thanks @babsboard

massey is a best player ... I like him .....

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