Announcing the winner of the contest from issue 3 of @BabsBoard garage sale

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We are extremely happy to announce that @Dannywill is the winner of our contest.

The correct answer ended at 34 STEEM, @Dannywill guesstimated 35 SBD.

We are proud to see that so many people take a part in our Garage sale and enjoy our site.

As promised @Dannywill, we will give you some really good upvotes, all you have to do is make a comment to this post and you will get your reward (big Upvote).

Lionel Messi are waiting for your comment too! He will give his signal to the people so they come and give you Upvotes.

We hope that all of you have as much fun as we do, both with bidding and buying at our auctions, selling your own stuff and participating in our contests.


OMG, i win.
Thank you so much @babsboard for arranging this beautiful auction & also the "Guesstimate" game for us.Following you since i joined Steemit.

Eagerly waiting for the next auction.

Hi @DannyWill

We are very happy to see that you got the message so quickly and as you see the Upvotes start to come your way.

Regards and Congratulations!

@BabsBoard - We fix everything

Thank you so much @BabsBoard

Hello again @DannyWill

This is an advice:
In the garagesale issue 4 you did bid 5 SBD when there was higher bids already. If you do that you can be downvoted. Edit your comment to a higher bid to be safe.

If you are a smart guy you also Upvote the comment you bid on it will give you higher Rewards.

@BabsBoard - We fix everything

Thank you so much for the advice

So nice to see YOU as a winner @DannyWill

Let us celebrate with this dance video:

Have a prosperous future here at Steemit - Study how everything work - Do your best and you will be one of the happy ones with substance value in your Wallet.

@Ramta Reddington

ha ha ha, nice one & thank you so much for your kind words & advice & also for the @upvote.

Congratulations @dannywill
And thank you @babsboard you're the best ever. I'm still eagerly awaiting your return☺

congratulation to @Dannywill with guessing nearly the correct answer.
I recommend every one the follow @Babsboard and participate in his actions and competition.

Tommel opp.jpg

Thank you so much @gyldenhorn.

Congratulations @dannywill. You did an excellent guess on this price.

We hope you all are enjoying what @babsboard are doing for the community with holding this auctions and contests. This is a unique and rare way of doing auctions and involving the steemians to share the economy of this great Steemit. I truly hope you all understand how much this auctions @babsboard will profit too you all as long as we participants keep it up with good quality responses and sales. This is as I state a rare opportunity buy and sell stuff with making money on both a buy and a sale. You will also make money if you write an good advertise for your product on your site and links+promote it on @babsboard auctions, even if it don't sell. I hope you all are interested in that this auctions will continue and that you will help to keep it up as a high quality post with good replies and don't use it to post spam. Let us all help @babsboard to promote a nice site without spam and an hones crowd that wants t do better for all of us.

Carpe Diem


Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to sell our product on this auction & make some money. I will do my best to write high quality comments on this post.

congratulations @Dannywill

and thank you @babsboard for your auctions

Congratulations @dannywill !

Hi @babsboard, @ramta, @everydaycoach, @gyldenhorn Can you tell me what do we have to do to participate and win?

Best Regards @Redouanemez

@babsboard will mention in his post if there is an contest. The you just follow his guidance and participate:-) good luck
Best regards @everydaycoach

Thank you so much @redouanemez.

misi love stemit

thankyou @gentleBot

thankyou @gentleBot..

congrats :)

Oh I feel heart broken,I thought this time I guesstimate the right answer about reply,but hard luck.Congratulations to @danywill winning.Thanks to @babsboard for the auction.@upvoted

Thank you so much

Congratulations to @danywill for the winning.It's really a big win and thanks to a @babsboard for this auction.

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