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In celebration of the emperor's decree on currency and taxation, and the attendant launch of the NORTONXIII cryptocurrency token, the administration shall "airdrop" up to 113 awards (the "13" celebrates the reign of Norton XIII, by the grace of God emperor of these United States), of 1,859 NORTONXIIIs each (the Norton dynasty was established by Norton I in 1859).

The deadline for requesting your airdrop grant is February 14, 2022. Grants will be bestowed upon applicants in the order applications are received, to up to 113 applicants.

Note: In order to receive your grant, you MUST provide a wallet address for a wallet which can receive, store, and disburse Ravencoin ASSETS, not just the primary Ravencoin cryptocurrency. The only one we're sure of at the moment is the official Ravencoin wallet, but see the list of possibilities here.

Due to staffing shortages, 1) those who are not among the grant recipients will not receive notification; 2) those who ARE among the grant recipients may or may not be notified other than by their wallet telling them they've received NORTONXIIIs; and 3) the disbursements may take a little time.

To register for the airdrop, fill out the form at the site version of this announcement at

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