Compass near North Pole

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So, ever wondered what would happen with the needle of a compass spot on the North Pole?
I did, too. Apparently there is no such experiment made available to the general public. The closest example to what I imagined that it might happen is this one, below:

As the author says, "Near the North Pole the compass should always point South (ish). However, the horizontal component of the earth's magnetic field is weak so far North, and the vertical component or dip is so strong, that when the compass needle is not dipping down it aligns to any ferromagnetic material -- becoming quite useless for accurate navigation."

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Col man, thanks!

An experment that I would like to see done is someone on the coast of Flordia bring a camcorder/telescope to the edge of the ocean and get video of a distant island. If you can see a land mass 5 miles away I think that would prove that there is no curvature of the earth (wink, wink, nood, nood if you know someone with a telescope/recorder :) )