The Normal post of Neoxian

in #normal4 years ago

This is a normal post, of normalcy.

(pic from

This is a kitten. Everyone loves kittens.

(pic from

This is a bunny; it is fluffy and adorable.

(pic from
Hey look! It's a praying mantis, nothing unusual about that. Many people may not like bugs, but they are important to the ecosystem.

I hope you have enjoyed this dose of normalness.


Wow this post isn't censored yet. Maybe I am allowed to post.

Are you me?

Great post, 100% upvote to you!

I don't know, are you amazing like me?

Not sure

No one is more amazing than you, my leader.

neo sir awesome I enjoyed a lot the savage form of normalness😂

Must you add Savage 😂😂😂. It's normally normal

Yes I enjoyed them 😍

Ha ha ha. That was very normal 😁

So normal!

Cute little Kitty,
Yes I enjoyed your selections of images.

Do you want juicy toffee?? Take ONE...


Milk this comment, normally.

have some milk

This post smells really normal to me.


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