An honest NordVPN review

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Recently I bumped into NordVPN and thought I would give it a try. As you might know, I am not that much into the technical stuff, so for me what matters is if a product works or not. So, is NordVPN a real and trustworthy VPN provider that gives you what you pay for? Here is my honest NordVPN review!

As a VPN provider, the first you meet is the website of the company. NordVPN has a clean and easy to use website and I liked it quite a lot. It was easy to sign up, and when we speak of signing up, it is worth mentioning that NordVPN has some of the best VPN prices on the market, making this a provider you for sure should consider. If you sign up for 12 months you can save about 30 USD compared to providers such as HideMyAss and IPVanish.

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An honest NordVPN review

Notice that you can use NordVPN on six different devices at the same time!

Once you have signed up with NordVPN you can download their client to iOS or to your Windows system. Unfortunately, they do not have ready clients yet for Android or Mac, but they have very detailed helping guides and installation files ready, which will make that job smooth as well. But, it will be even better when their clients for these platforms will be ready.

When you run NordVPN in Windows you will be met by the nice looking Windows application first. Here you can easily choose between the different nations in which a NordVPN server can be found, and in addition, you can also easily choose between the different servers in different nations. No matter which server you connect to, NordVPN will help you access US Netflix at all times. That is very handy!

The speeds as you use NordVPN gave me no reason to complain, but with lots of servers (my quick guess would be at least 600 servers here and there), there is for sure slower and faster server. But, to help you out they are also showing the capacity of the servers before you log on, meaning that you can easily decide to connect to the server in a given nation which has the best capacity (meaning few users using it at the moment).

It is also worth noticing that NordVPN has a thirty-day full refund policy, which might come useful if you should find yourself not to be satisfied. They have a good customer service as well, so you should easily be able to get help if you are stuck in some kind of trouble.

To wrap up my honest NordVPN review

If you have read through this text you will probably understand that I am well satisfied with NordVPN and I believe this is a VPN service that will satisfy your needs for protection online, for encryption, for speeds and to be able to access geo-blocked content here and there in the world.

Visit their website by clicking the button above. If you have any thoughts or experiences with NordVPN that you would like to share, you can simply use the comment field beneath.

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