The Truth about the Nordstream2 Explosion & BRI GDI Chinese Force 2 Pipeline

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The Truth about the Nordstream2 Explosion & BRI GDI Chinese Force 2 Pipeline

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Nordstream 2 Pipeline and the March to World War Three, the Multi Polar World Order. The USA and China are the top two defense spenders for the bankers and the war in Ukraine has skyrocketed defense spending. Who benefits from the destruction of the Nordstream 2? Turns out Chinese stock holders from CNPC had already decided to shut down the pipeline in favor of the new Force Siberia pipeline. We have massive critical infrastructure attacks on the Western nations that are backdoored by Intel inside and Israeli Cyber firms. Biden is clueless and Putin is blaming the West. He CIA knew before hand and Biden and Victoria Newland had called for the Nordstream 2 to be stopped. The infighting between the factions of the NWO is nearing a massive war breaking point. Meanwhile the USA is being forced to use completely useless EV’s that get no range and cannot be used for towing.

The next segment was on the Chinese BRI / GDI and the Shanghai Corporation and the banksters using them to create a multi polar world order and to collapse the west. First we analyzed the financial collapse worldwide caused by the bankers and the looming real estate collapse caused by rising inflation rates after ridiculous over printing and inflation. Gavin Newsome and Joe Biden are clowns that cannot fix anything by design. The Xi Jin Ping Coup was all 17 Anon level horse manure. Massive numbers of high level military scientists working at Los Alamos Lab and other facilities were Chinese spies, including in a separate case an army reservist. China, Russia and Israel have full infiltration of the critical infrastructure.

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