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Remember the social network contest we were dominating in 1st place for some long?

It seems Steemit has dropped to second place to Gab.


This is an insult!

We have less than one week left to get to 1st place in the Noonies Social Network of the Year contest! Over 5,000 people have voted, and I think that number can get a lot higher as the contest draws to an end. It is a close race and we can help Steemit earn some well deserved bragging rights.

I will be giving out upvotes all week long for people who prove they voted. If we win, everyone that participated will have a chance to win extra Steem.

I will be dividing up 1,000 Steem to random participants that post proof of work below, IF we win!

So get out there and vote, have your family & friends vote.
Let's get this W for Steemit!


I had thought I already voted for this, but apparently it let me vote again! :)

Voted on 6 different devices. Yes, you can do it from pc, laptop, smartphones and tablets... as long as you don't have static IP.

We can't deny that Gab has done some interesting user-generated marketing and hype all over the mainstream media, not to mention their Dissenter extension is one good tool to have on the internet.

That being said, Steem's on the Blockchain!! And we don't see Gab bettering anyone's lives by allowing some of their users to actually earn a living wage partly from the Blockchain.

So here we go!


(h/t to @kristiankho, thanks for sharing with us)

I voted with everything we have and I will try to convince my cats to vote too.

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Du erhieltest aufgrund deiner LanaCharleenToken ein Upvote von @sebescen81 und von @lanacharleen alt-Text
Vielen lieben Dank für euren Support. Der Account meiner Tochter wächst und gedeiht.

Victory for Steemit!!!

Just doing my part

I have cast my vote :

You have my my sword my bow and my axe!

oh, you have my vote too @theycallmedan 😂
Schermata 2019-07-28 alle 09.48.28.png

We're back to first... and here's my vote!

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 8.54.42 PM.png

Voted hope it works out!

Thanks, see you at Anarcapulco Feb 2020


Steemit 2Ad.png

Voted and resteem this post

Voted a while ago:

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 12.12.43 PM.png

Lets see us get back to first place.

I was worried that all of the early votes might come back to bite us as others would use it to push their user base. Naturally Steem has my vote.


Was actually able to vote from my cell also...not saying people should vote twice, but it works ;)

My vote

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Here we go! /o/
pobrane (1).png

Voted For Steemit & made a post to encourae others as well .

Here I’m with my second vote, and will do more using all the available devices, LOL!


Thanks for the clever initiative, @theycallmedan!

Voted and posted this call to action to make others vote too.

I am surprised we dropped to the second spot though. Thanks for the heads-up Dan, I will come up with another post about this poll. We should be able to win it.


my vote

It's definitely not cool, I've resteem and shared on Twitter for the second time, let's Hope we'd bring it home.



Steem 💯!


Shoot, I thought we had this in the bag Dan. I'll resteem this for more visibility. 👍

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Resteem and my vote:

Done, let's spread the word!!

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hola, la buena noticia es que ya estamos de primeros nuevamente

Voted for Steem.

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I vote for Steemit because it is the best social network. That is my opinion.


Steemit is the best!


I have voted.Hope steem can survive this altcoin winter.

voting for steemit.jpg

I just upvoted for steemit and glad to see it in the first place :)

Voted. Also got my nephews and niece to vote as well:

Couldn't quite convince the dog though :)

Hi Dan!
Here it is:
Original screenshot by Steemitri The Mannequin

Have a nice day
Steemitri The Mannequin

Vote given!

I voted too :) Thanks


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Screenshot (886).png
Voted for steemit

Steemit Vote.JPG

No. 1


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My Vote have always been there for Steemit

Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-09 um 9.56.16 AM.png

My vote :) Steemit has to be first!


Done!! 😎


My 5th vote, Ill have to look for more devices, lol

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Gotta get GF to vote too =D


Of course, I made resteem.

Defo Steemit and it seems we're back at top 1. Challenged by Gab? Man that's nonsense :)

Voted. Hope we win

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Let’s do this!

Yes Happily did it- with tweet-
and tweet-

Screenshot (245).png

Just got on another network, so I could cast another vote ;)

We're back on top!

Cast my vote.

Screenshot 2019-08-12 16.38.11.png

I voted!

Hi Dan, thanks for pushing such an initiative. I am planning a retun to Steemit too after a 6 month break volunteering. And I can't wait. Here's my proof of voting.image.png

@theycallmedan, Kindly find the below screenshot for your reference.

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@zekepickleman sent me..



Already did a couple of days ago, also resteemed the post of @tarazkp back then and shared in Discord community. I think those communities are key for winning and we should engage them. If you (all who read this) know people there, go ask them to vote. It really takes a few seconds.

I have voted both at home and at work lets hope we can get steemit to the top of the list

Hi @theycallmedan
I have voted and here is the snapshot-

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I voted for Steemit, of course!


Screenshot 2019-08-12 16.33.16.png

Screenshot 20190809 at 19.09.02.png

casted my vote just in time

Voted off course





Hi Dan.

Yeah, I noticed that the other day and was a little disappointed to see that we'd slipped to number two 🤔

Thanks for making this post to get all the slow coaches to vote. As you know I've already voted, but just wanted to drop by and say 'nice one' for leading a second charge at this. Steem needs a win 👍

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Thanks for letting this know! I wish to assign TRDO bounty on this project too!


Congratulations @theguruasia, you are successfuly trended the post that shared by @theycallmedan!
@theycallmedan got 6 TRDO & @theguruasia got 4 TRDO!

"Call TRDO, Your Comment Worth Something!"

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Of course my vote goes to Steem! I will call out some people to vote for Steemit as well.. Steemit has actually changed my life for the better, so easy choice here!




I just voted for Steem and will encourage friends to do same:
@Tomlee @Evegrace @Imaluv54 @Prettyglo @Imadear @Maxdevalue. Let's do this together.

I made a supporting blog for my @Steemchurch community

Thanks for sharing, I will do the same
Here is my vote!

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Done 😉

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Done from various Devices of my family members


I vote for STEEMIT!


Voted, come on steem people, pull your fingers out!

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Voted a while back already... Resteemed since I can't vote again ;-)


I'm late to the part and Steemit is first again, so now it is just to solidify it's place!
noonies vote.PNG

My vote

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My vote:

Greetings. Do you know if we can vote twice?
I have voted already, but now I am trying to vote for a second time?
Have some patience he as I am an old guy in South Africa and we know zilch!


Got another vote in -
votng Steemit social network of the year on Noonies.jpg


voted Untitled.png

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