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If you have some serious nonsense you need to get out of your system. Now's your perfect chance to get rewarded for feeling better.

Simply write out all that nonsense click publish. Done. Could it get simpler than that? Well, maybe if you had lot's of prompts. I don't have any lol. But maybe in the passage below you will find some thought.

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Way back when, when things were different to the way things are now. Tings were different. Things changed over time and we live in a different time now with different things. Some things are the same and different at the same time.

Things like boats we still have boats. That stayed the same but the boats are much better and they are different and for different uses now too. Clothes we still wear clothes. They are also different changed over time.

Well way back then when things were different. England used to ship prisoners off to Australia.

Just recently, There was an earthquake off the coast of Australia. Then there was a quake of the coast of Ireland.

Born to be Free

What happened ye see is.
In the way back when. The Irish brothers of ancestry. Imprisoned in a foreign land. A message was sent by trained Seahorse galloping at top speed across the oceans to Australia.

The Message Read
Don't worry boy's we have yer back covered. We know this is not a short dip across the pond like to England and back. And we know there will be sharks in the waters. So don't try to swim.
You start digging at your end. We already started digging at this end. Meet ye half way and we will be twice as fast.

So as far as those two earthquakes goes at least, Don't worry about them. That was just the two tunnels meeting in the middle

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The punchline actually made me laugh.

Top one, Was hoping I didn't drag it too long, that people didn't read the last line lol.

Ah, but Irish jokes can turn into rambles, you've forgotten why you ever started or where you're supposed to be going, and then it hits you - a pub!

A likely story!

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