Absurdly from Absurdystan

in nonsense •  2 years ago  (edited)

We often call our country "Absurdystan" because every day, every moment some nonsense or unreal situation is happening. This is the new one and is coming from PlayStation Store.
They are selling gift coupons worth of 150 Kuna (Croatian currency) for 166,42 :)
No matter what the reason is, to me is completely incomprehensible and unacceptable.
But this is how it is and I think that we all get used to this stupidity and that, unfortunately, no one is fighting for their rights - it is like Don Quijote!


Greetings from Absurdystan !

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ja sam mislio da je absurd u tome sto prodaju komad kartona za 160kn ahhahaha ajde bar je kupon :) jebiga moraju uzet profit neki haha

E sjetio sam se da sam vidio prije nekih mj dva si stavio u postu tocno koliko ima minnowa,dupina, orka i kitova (znaci tocan broj koliko ij he ne %) pa me zanima ako se sjecas mozda di se to nade.

Ej , sorry na kasnom odgovoru, malo zaglavio privatno:) Sad se više ni ja ne sječam odakle sam izvukao taj podatatak ali mislim da je sa @steemitboard

np, poledat cu malo, javim ak nadem

Hahaha platiš 168 dobiješ 150

To je viša matematika za mene :)

REally a wonderful post of the day, keep this worthy work [email protected] .

Thank you.

Hey, Absurdystan is Venezuela. Here a minor is not allowed to legally buy milk, unless that minor proofs that she is pregnant.

Here you have to have a credit card in order to have a passport.

Here, when you enter a bakery, you must ask weather they are selling bread.

Here you have to be in line for hours to withdraw cash from a bank, but the maximum allowed you can get is roughly the amount of cash you need to spend to go to the bank, and by the way, you have to wit in line for two hours for a bus.

Here something costs 100 units if paid by debit card and only 25 if paid by cash.

Here cash is sold by three times it's face value, for example a person gets 300 units transfered to his bank account in exchange of 100 units in cash.

Go figure.