QAnon is Real, Confirmed by Trump Himself in a "Coded" Tweet !

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Hi there Steemsters of Truth ) So there are many rumours now circulating on Youtube saying that QAnon is Fake and is just some troll spewing out these cryptic messages for some sort of fun and games to mislead and give people a false sense of hope where there is not !

Well recently QAnon made a post which literally prempted the very words that Trump would use some days later in a Tweet made from his official Twitter account ! So how did somebody not supossedly connected to Trump manage to guess the very words that Trump would use in this Tweet and days before he did ?? Surely this shows that Trump and QAnon might well be coordinatiing their releases to steer the progress of their actions against the Cabal which shows real signs of being under pressure now ! Here below is the message of interest concerning this confirmation that QAnon is indeed the real deal !

" Catch & Release "

" Safety & Security "


Have you learned how to read the message?


And here is the Tweet released by Trump thanking the Border Wall Agency for their great work !

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

Thank you to Brandon Judd of the National Border Patrol Council for his strong statement on @foxandfriends that we very badly NEED THE WALL. Must also end loophole of “catch & release” and clean up the legal and other procedures at the border NOW for "Safety & Security" reasons.

See that ? Surely this is a confirmation that QAnon is real and somebody who is one of Trumps closest aids and with first hand knowledge of Trumps agenda doted no doubt with the highest of Security levels?? Certainly not some up jumped Kid in his Moms Basement ??

Just in case you have not seen them all yet, here is a link to all the QAnon messages so far !!

Here are two videos which will confirm to you the importance and connection of these two messages and what they allude too! Concerning the connection between the recently arrested Prince Waleed and the Clinton Foundation that recieved untold billions from him to help in their agenda under this " trojan " horse of Liberality and Decadence for the political and cultural overthrow and Destruction of the Democratic Free thinking America in favour of the One World Goverment Criminal Cabal and their Social Marxist Bootboys of Antifa and the BLM Zombies !

I hope once you have watched them that any doubts you may have had on this infamously mysterious poster of AChan known as "QAnon" is the real deal and that maybe, just maybe, we can indeed have hope for some pretty serious high level arrests and a move away from this digusting tower of tyranny which has ruled over all our lives for far too long !


Anti School
Published on 27 Jan 2018

Was QAnon with Trump on AirForce One ? Is he ideed one of the key members of Trumps Intelligence teams ?

There has been some discussion as to who Q could be, but given that many there is a great deal of security and classification around those that travel with the United States president, it would be really impossible to tell. However it seems to be at least someone with a window seat !

Congress Gives Hillary 2 Weeks to Explain Trump Dossier !

Operation HAL
Published on 27 Jan 2018

Your thoughts and reactions on this my post, as ever most appreciated in my comment section below !




Nice one buddy.
Be interesting to see what comes next.
I'd like to see some massive bombshell news get leaked to put the nail in that witch Hitlary's coffin and Soros, McCain, Sotoero etc.

Well Hold you breath mate because it coming in the next few weeks i reckon !! ) Lets see as I keep saying @tremedospercy )) Thanks again for your vote and support to my posts !! )

There was also the Lord's Prayer.

Q Anon posted the Lord's Prayer, and then weeks later the Pope announces changes to the Lord's Prayer.

The veracity of Q can't be refuted.

I am so happy that you see it like me too @fighterone ) Yes irefutable is a good word and anyone who still whines that he or she is not, either is completely unable to understand the way the messages work or that they are the enemy and should not be listened too !! you Sir are my first comment and I like it,u get my 33 deg mason vote !! thanks for the confirmation comment at the head of this comment section !! )

can not wait till what they are spraying comes out, is crimes against humanity imho

When you @battleaxe and indeed we all as a race see their true crimes the ones done in cyrpts and castles, we will be withot words in face of their crimes beyong human imagination !T hese people are veritable vampires and feed literally from our pain, fear and most sadl from our lost childrens innocence and flesh !! And sure tyey spray us like the bugs in their bed !! Disgusting individuals that should and will be I pray dealth with !

Yes thats nice @budz832, yeah alot of people in high places are going to be stripped of their identities that have fooled us for years, but the mask is about to be ripped off and we will see them all for what they are ! Ghoulish predators with no sense of wrong or right with just their own pleasure and sense of power in their minds of poison ! It Ends Now !! )

Trump is Q!

So speechless

You should be @chuckles ! this is real and happening ! These scumbags are going down and the pyramid of Pain is about to fall for everybody on this planet ! The Trump Train believe you has Teeth and this Great President I think will go down in History as the one that saved American Dream and with it true sense of Liberty for the rest of the World ! This will change the future of the planet and we should all now be aware and follow this as the Beast is wounded and at its most Dangerous ! 2018 is going to be an Amazing Year @chucklex )

Yh tanx man

Let us all say a prayer for the safety and health of QAnon because we all know what tends to happen to those who try to stand against the globalist cabal.

Oh I doubt anyone will be Killing QAnon any time soon, they are too busy filling their suitcase and heading for their bunker home to hide away before this comes down on their heads !! But yes a good thing to do to ptotect him and the President he serves ! Thanks for call to prayer @amreschandra as pray we must for this time of Deliverance from Evil in this world !

I love contests, this is gonna be interesting!Thanks for sharing!

Is this a contest @naumul-islam ?? Then who do you think will win it ??

Is Q anon a kind of alien or like super human?

No @thatindianlady, QAnon is like you an me , just flesh and bone but doted to a place that gives him or her a role to play in Human History !

Well spotted gomera!!!

Hey there @globocop ! thanks I am following all this eating my popcorn ) Just gets better and better ! The Storm is here and so is the Clear patch visible in the distance ! We need to be vigilant, informed and keep our big beautiful boat of Hope and Prosperity headed to this light ! So lets Steem on to that !! ))))

Listoo Pasate vota y sigueme

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