Slow Cooked Dinner for the Nomadic Lifestyle

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Today on The Wizard Life I'll be showing you how I slow cook a meal of grassfed meat, organic vegetables, ghee and spices using solar power while living in my truck out in the wilderness.

I use a 12-Volt Slow Cooker powered by my single 100W Solar Panel and 100ah Battery. It also runs great plugged directly into the truck's cigarette lighter while on a long drive. Always nice to arrive home to a healthy meal that's hot and ready to eat, eh?

The first thing I add is some grassfed meat:


In this case I'm using grassfed lamb cut into small chunks for stew. I avoid grainfed meat like the plague for a lot of reasons, but primarily because I can feel my body becoming inflamed and my mind slowing down after eating it, and animals raised on grain commonly lead horrific lives.

Grass is the natural diet of many of the animals we raise for food, and this leads to much healthier meat (which you can read about here), and the animals are more likely to have lived happily.

The next thing I add are some organic frozen vegetables:


I find that frozen vegetables are most convenient because they are already cut into the appropriate size, and often come in tasty combinations. Onions are the key thing to have for flavor, but I also love broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.

I always buy organic vegetables to avoid the contamination commonly found on and inside conventionally grown produce. Check out this article to learn more about that.

Next I add some organic grassfed Ghee to the mix:


Ghee is pure butter fat and is only necessary when using cuts of meat that have very little fat. Since I'm trying to minimize my expenses, that's usually what I'm working with.

Ghee adds a lot of flavor to pretty much any cooked meal as long as salt is included in the recipe. Assuming it's organic and grassfed it also has a ton of health benefits. Ghee has a very long shelf life as well, which makes it perfect for the nomadic lifestyle.

Next comes the seasoning:


Really all I need is sea salt to make a delicious meal, but recently I've started adding mustard powder for flavor and cayenne for some spiciness. I highly recommend this combination!

Last thing to add is enough water to cover the ingredients:


I use the Roadpro Slow Cooker which can be powered by any 12-Volt electricity system with an outlet like the cigarette lighter in a car. In this case I'm using my 100-Watt Solar Panel and 100ah Battery to the power the cooking process.


Isn't it amazing that a single solar panel like this can collect enough energy to cook meat?!


It usually takes about 4 hours before it's ready to eat, and requires very little attention on my part during that time. I just stop by to stir it a few times to help everything cook evenly.


Voila! A delicious hearty meal cooked by the sun in the middle of the wilderness. Hard to get better than this!

Thanks for stopping by!

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So glad to learn you do not live on your whopping calorie fat (breakfast) drink alone! Also appreciate -even as a vegetarian - your recipe which comes straight out of grandma's cook book (maybe minus the ghee) especially concerning the slow aspect. All good stews take half a day (if not a couple of days) to prepare!

P.s no improvements to post itself required if you ask me. Great rustic style to suit your adventure perfectly. You're not presenting a cookery show.
Appreciate the photo documentation, since a d-tube video seldom starts for me, and my dimwit computer. This is double work for you, so extra points go to that.

Improvements to recipes are always fun to experiment with. Go Moroccan next time with Ras al Hanout, or Chinese with Five Spices, or Mediterranean-Indian with Vadouvan, or (go all Pixiesque with something) Andalusian (pre-mixed herb combinations). Or just stay at home in your desert, mustard and chili wilderness.

Whatever you do, stay healthy and go slow!


I've never had a stew that too days to cook. I bet that tastes amazing! Those spice combinations look like fun to experiment with, thank you for sharing.

I used to be raw vegan, and have lately been considering vegetarian again. It's an internal struggle. Are you willing to share your reasons for being vegetarian?


love it cahlen!!! such a great passive way. really loved that your ghee container says Eat Good Fat! couldn't agree more. yummy meal :)


Thanks! It's definitely nice to have to put in so little effort for such a good meal.

Ya, I really love the character of the company that makes this ghee.

Awesome. In Australia when it gets hot they say, of hot things: 'you could cook an egg on that'. At first, since it was on your car, I thought you were cooking it in your engine - there's a few crew that do it on long distance drives here in Australia (wrap it in tinfoil and off you putter) - plus people that eat roadkill and cook it in their engines too. We have a big chunk of kangaroo in the freezer that someone gave us that we need to cook but it'll be on a fire as it's got too cold here for sun cooking! xx


Cooking food on your car - how resourceful! Where do they put the food wrapped in tinfoil? Stuff between the engine and the hood?

It is not the food, but your creativity that thrilled me.... Technology is good, and glad you are one of those with the knowledge.... Kindly drop some this way again. Take care sir...


I definitely will, @kuboskeey! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


And kindly check on me on a daily basis, your kid might love my write ups...😊😊

@thewizard hahahaha dear i named it solaer meal.its very amazing and i can taste it in my mouth .looking yummy


It was very yummy!


yes i lov technology actually

As a fellow wizard I love the simple way of your cooking technique and unique perspective. As a little critique, you are obviously doing well but if you could improve the quality of the photos it would improve the overall look.


Thanks for the feedback wizard brother! What do you believe needs improvement?


Thanks for the feedback wizard brother! What do you believe needs improvement?


I would probably adjust the saturation on the pictures to give them more color pop. It's certainly not a necessity but I believe it would improve the overall aesthetic of the posts. It's really a minor thing. Love all the work you put into your posts.


Absolutely epic effort my man!! Hats off