The simple life

in nomad •  last year

image Well spring is in the air and the early flowers are starting to bloom but with the return of life there is also a need for a little more caution because not all life is as friendly as the flowers and even flowers with thorn's won't dose not yield an aire of caution as this guy does when he sounds off. image But they are a needed part of life and just by giving him his space and put forth a little effort to find that perfect secluded spot on some river, lake, or beach somewhere we can both coexist. image Even though you think you found a good spot sometimes it takes a few to really realize how much your efforts are going to pay off. Then "Bam!" The big reveal and you realize why you live life on your terms... image And with the spring weather leaving the nights comfortably cool along with a beautiful moon and sky full of stars sleeping outside is its own reward. image

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Really nice post...thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures of spring.

Always need to watch for those snakes for you and dogs!!

lovely pics especially the sunset :)

Realy nice story, only told in a few words and great pictures!
Really fell for the on with the bonfire and the one with the orange sunset <3
Thanks for sharing Brother,
farewell yours johannes (: