Starting the Long Journey Home

in nomad •  5 months ago

Today I begin a long journey back to my home state of Washington to tie up some loose ends. I'm joined by my traveling buddy Jeremiah also known as The Nomad Man (@nomadman).

I'll be making videos along the way, so be sure to check in for updates!


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waw ... @cahlen, this is a fun trip, I can feel the joy of traveling with friends, but where I live, it's hard to do a story like you.
I will try to follow your next travel video.


Yes, traveling with friends adds so much joy to the lifestyle.

Why is it hard where you live to travel with friends?

Can be hard (or not) but certainly feels good to tie up loose ends!! Wonder what's in store for you! Good luck :)


I wonder as well.. feels strange for the future to be so uncertain.


I wonder as well..
Feels strange for the future to
Be so uncertain.

                 - cahlen

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


@haikubot what a great idea for a bot!! Whoever created this has love in their soul.