Cheap Portable Yurt from PVC Pipe

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Hello friends!

I've been missing my Yurt a lot lately and have been pondering how to construct one which fits easily into a truck and is inexpensive to build.

It suddenly occurred to me that PVP Pipe would make an awesome frame, and a single layer of Aluminum Bubble Insulation could keep heat in or out and serve as the wind and rain protection at the same time.

I ran to the hardware store and purchased about $250 worth of supplies, and threw it all together with some help from the @nomadman.

Here's a look at what the whole thing looks like when deconstructed and ready to be transported to the next campsite with a backpack placed for scale:


The individual parts are pretty simple. There are the floor pieces which form an octagon on the ground, wall pieces which form the side walls, roof pipes which connect the walls to the roof ring. Then there are the two types of insulation pieces - rectangular pieces for the walls and triangular pieces for the roof.


The floor pieces are connected using 45-degree elbow joints, and all have a T-section in the middle for the wall pipes to attach to. The floor is 8 feet wide giving me plenty of space to lie down inside.


The wall pipes attach directly the ground pipes and go straight up from the connect point. I believe mine are around 4 feet high, which allows me enough room to walk around inside without hitting my head on the roof until I get right near the walls. One downside it that this length requires I duck down to enter the yurt, but that's pretty normal in my experience.


The ceiling pipes connect to the top of the wall pipes using the 45-degree joints again. The angle upwards and inwards to meet at the roof ring in the center.


At this point the structure of the Yurt is complete! All that's left is to attach the wall and roof panels.

The wall panels are cut into rectangles. They have velcro stapled to the edges which attach them securely to the wall pipes. This strategy makes the wall easier to manage and store, and also drastically increases the stability of the Yurt in the wind.


The roof panels attach in almost the same way as the wall panels, except that they also attach to the top of the roof ring using velcro.


And that's all there is to it! It only took me about 15 minutes to put up, and I bet I could go much faster as I do it more and more. Here's a view from the inside while lying down and looking up to the sky:


On a hot day it reflects all of the heat and gives me a nice cool place to hang out. In the mornings and evenings I can warm up the insides while I'm cooking using my Rocket Stove which is fueled by small sticks and twigs I find laying around... no cutting firewood!


I plan to eventually build a small dome that attaches to the top to block the rain while still letting smoke escape. For now, there isn't much rain and even if there were my bivy sack shields me from it, so no rush.

If you're ever in the need for some shelter, you can have it for a couple hundred dollars! Everything you need can be purchased at your local hardware store, and there's no heavy machinery involved!



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What an amazing idea! Really opens the mind to different possibilities. Different sizes and shapes as well. Great post and video. Thanks for sharing!


Hey man! I just checked out your channel and your podcast on taxes. I'd love to chat with you. Any interest in recording a video conversation and posting it on #speakfreely-tv?

Smart, you could easily fit that in the back of a truck.


Now I just need to figure out how to make a Yurt that fits in a backpack!

Hello, I am new here in your blog I love nature, even plant trees, I like this method to be outside, it looks very good, and if it rains I will surely protect you


Hi @adrina! I'm glad you said hi because I am enjoying your blog.

This is brilliant! I really enjoyed reading this post and really like the idea! Will definitely try it one day :-)


If you get the chance to try your own, I hope you'll let us know how it goes!

That’s a pretty smart idea if you ask me. Not expensive, easy to assemble and portable. Love it. 🐓🐓


Thanks @mother2chicks, I'm definitely enjoying the simplicity of it. I'm starting to think it'd make a great greenhouse if the aluminum were swapped out with transparent plastic.

Success my brother in his goals

great idea what you have, simple and easy. Greetings I am new follower of yours